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We invite you to explore, add content, debate, and vote.


Page Types:


ChoiceStorm currently has the following types of pages:

Question Pages:

Question pages should be the majority of the content on ChoiceStorm.  They allow users to ask questions, debate answers, and have polls so that users can vote for their preferences.

We encourage debate topics ranging from politics to pop culture

Please feel free to visit our Questions page to see some of the questions we have started already.

Survey Pages:

Survey pages are lists of polls from Question pages.  They allow users to vote on a series of simliar questions quickly.

They link back to question pages so that users can learn more by reading the debates for each question.

Example: Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Survey

Contact Info Lists:

When ChoiceStorm focuses on a specific election, a candidate list can be created.A

Example: Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

Candidate Comparisons:

A candidate comparison page provides basic information for each of the candidates running in a particular race.  (For instance, mayoral candidates or all of the councillor candidates in a specific ward)

Example: Toronto Mayoral Candidate Review

When writing a candidate comparison, please follow the Candidate Comparison Style Guide


About Us:


As well as viewing this website, you can also view our About Us page, which describes:

  • Our Goals and the purpose of the website
  • Our Core Values


User Survey:


After trying out this website, please complete our ChoiceStorm User Survey.


How to create new questions:


1) Click the 'Create New Question' link on the main menu on the left hand side of the page (must be logged in).

2) On the Create New Question page, enter your question in the Title field.

3) At the bottom of the editor, select one of the pre-defined templates using the 'Insert Template...' button.



4) Enter the details of your question and arguments using the template instructions.

5) Feel free to use the full screen button in the editor, or the resize handle to make editing more comfortable for you.

6) Choose a category for your new question.

7) If you are not proceeding to create a new poll, hit the Save button to publish your question!



How to create a poll:

1) Use the Create Poll button located at the bottom of the question editor.

2) Insert a title, your question, and select a category for the poll.

3) Add possible answers to the poll.

4) Finally, click the Save button.  Additional answers can always be added at a later date.


How to insert a created poll into an article:

1) On the editor screen for your new or existing question, place the text cursor in a possition where you'd like the poll to be placed (or select the template text "insert poll here").

2) Click the 'Insert Existing Poll' button at the bottom of the editor.

3) Your new poll will be at the bottom of the list.  Scroll there, and select your poll to insert it.

4) You'll notice there is a piece of text in your new question article representing your new poll.  This will come to life once the page is saved.  If you like, you can create and insert multiple polls per question page.

5) Hit the save button above the editor to save all of your good work!

Congratulations, you have created a new question, and created a new poll on your question!


How to edit existing questions:

Press the edit button at the top right corner of the article in order to edit it (Edit).  Make your changes, and click save when done.

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