Evolution vs Creationism: Where did humans come from? 

Humans are often used as the keystone for the evolution debate, because they hold a specific place in biblical studies and because we have evolved somewhat differently than other animals on earth with our intellectual capacity.  The arguments are to be divided into three sections: One purely scientific, one purely biblical, and one which will combine elements from both.


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This article does not debate the existence of God, the age of the universe, or whether the tale of Noah's ark was a literal and global phenomenon.  These questions may be touched on here, but will also be addressed in separate articles.


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Human Beings Were Created in Their Present Form by God

Human Beings Evolved Over Time

Scientific Analysis

Science should be split into two categories: the science of observation and the science of history.  Observational science shows us how the world works, and proves certain aspects of the universe.  However, historical science doesn't do the same thing.  That is just scientists making guesses about history that cannot be proved in the same way1.  There are unknowns in how the evolutionary process could have made such large leaps at specific moments in history.

Scientific Analysis

Evolution is a very complex, slow, and networked process, which can be shown using various elements of evidence.  Fossil records that show the process of evolution are not only pieced together based on their characteristics, but are found in the ground layered based on time.  (Older fossils are found under newer fossils)2.

All animals on land have very similar traits that point back to one specific ancestor.  Examples such as the Giraffe's laryngeal nerve show how the anatomy of some animals are contrary to intelligent design, and can only be the result of small changes over time.3

Biblical Analysis

The Bible is very clear concerning the fact that God created man in his own image, and that the creation was immediate, not a result of evolution.

Biblical Analysis

The Bible has two different creation stories, which include contradictions to each other.  In the first story, Genesis 1:1-2:3, God creates fish and birds first and Humans (both genders at the same time) afterwards.  The second story, Genesis 2:4-25, God creates Adam first, then the animals, and then Eve4. This contradiction shows that there is an allegorical nature to the stories that should not be taken literally.

Crossover Analysis

The bible is the written record of history of the universe.  As much as we would like to extrapolate the based using the evidence that is present today, we were not there.  The written record of our history, via the words of God, must be reconciled with the scientific evidence found today.  Only an analysis of the evidence that aligns with the biblical record can be accepted as true.

Crossover Analysis

The "seven days" in the Bible could be representational - time didn't exist until God created it.  "God" may have guided evolution but evolution definitely did occur and took millions of years to be achieved.


Evolution vs. Creationism

Did Humans Evolve or Were We Created?



Humans evolved over time with no influence from God


Humans evolved over time under the influence of God




Humans were created by God in their present form
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