Who would win in a war between the Borg (From Star Trek) and the Xenomorphs (From the Alien movies)

The Borg from Star Trek are a highly technological race who assimilate other beings into their collective.  The Xenomorphs from Alien are wild monsters who breed using other sentient beings.

These are two imaginary aliens with similary modes of reproduction and very different core characteristis.  To explore what would happen if they met, this page will be divided into several questions and polls.  The first questions will determine how the technology of the Borg and the physiology of the Xenomorphs would interact, and the second set of questions will allow debate given several scenarios.


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Question 1: Could the Borg assimilate Xenomorphs?


The Borg could Assimilate Xenomorphs

The Borg could not assimilate Xenomorphs


One of the primary traits of the Borg is their adaptability.  They are a highly advanced race with incredible technology and they should be able to find a type of assimilation technology that will work with the Xenomorphs.


The extreme acidity of the Xenomorph body fluid, often called "acid blood", would make assimilation impossible for the Borg.



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Question 2: Xenomorphs breed using the Borg?


Xenomorphs could breed using the Borg

Xenomorphs could not breed using the Borg


The Borg are fundimentally no different than other alien specieis in spite of their being assimilated into the collective.  They still have a physical form which is biologically appropriate for Xenomorph reproduction.


The technology of the Borg could be quickly adapted to prevent Xenomorph reproduction.


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Question 3: Can the Borg adapt to attacks from Xenomorphs?


The Borg could adapt to all Xenomorph attacks

The Borg could not adapt to Xenomorph attacks

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