Should the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) be privatized?

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The TTC receives millions of riders every day and the maintenance of the system is expensive. Given the large benefit and the large cost, can the system be better run by a public or a private organization?


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The TTC should be privatized

The TTC should not be privatized

Current System

The TTC system is currently a large drain on City resources, and it is not providing the service required to Torontonians.  Constant delays make it impossible to judge how long a journey will take, and overfilled transit makes for an uncomfortable journey.1

Current System

The TTC provides an invaluable service to its users who require that service.  It should not be an option for private company to deny that service in areas where it is not profitable.  Additionally, all transit needs to be coordinated, which requires a single governing organization.  The system will not work on a competitive basis.

Cost Savings

A private organization will be better able to manage the costs of this large system.  Better decisions can be made for how to expand the system and what to charge transit users.  A better balance can be met between city contributions and transit rider fares.

Cost Savings

Privatization will result in higher fares which may not lead to benefits for riders or for other Torontonians.  If fares go up, fewer people will choose to use the service, resulting in more traffic and a less mobile work force in the city.




TTC Privatization

Should the TTC be privatized instead of run publicly?



The TTC should not be privatized, but should stay a public institution.


The TTC should be privatized or a private-public-partnership should be setup.


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