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Welcome to our candidate review page.  We have tried to put together some info on each candidate, mostly from candidate webpages.


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 Candidate  Platform  Experience  Campaign
 Augimeri, Maria   "Maria Augimeri is the City of Toronto Councillor for Ward 9-York Centre, serving the Downsview community with passion and commitment since her first election as School Trustee in 1982.  She was elected to North York City Council in 1985; Metro Council in 1998, 1991 and 1994 and Toronto Council in 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006 and 2010.

Councillor Augimeri is Chair of the North York Community Council and the Aerospace Action Partnership. She is the Vice-Chair of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. The Councillor is a member of the Toronto Transit Commission and was the Chair of the the York University, City of Toronto Track and Field Centre Committee."[1]

Maria Augimeri’s incumbent Councillor website has information at Learn about her and her policy priorities there.
Basantes, Wilson     We don’t have any contact info for Wilson Basantes. If anyone has details, pass them on.
Cusimano, Gus

"Gus is in favour of creating good paying union and construction jobs including those at the proposed convention/casino centre. These good paying jobs will benefit Torontonians and will bring millions of dollars in revenue and economic growth to the City.

Gus is in favour of the Porter Airlines proposal which will create new or maintain good paying union jobs at Bombardier. He is also in favour of the creation of new jobs at the Billy Bishop Airport."[1]

"Born and raised in Toronto, the oldest in a family of eight children.

Graduated with Honours from the University of Toronto, with a B.Comm. degree 1980.

Founded: City Wide Insurance in 1980 to 1994
Deerborne Insurance in 1999 to present
Deerborne Financial Services in 2004 to present
Past Director: Villa Colombo Homes For The Aged
Past President: Villa Colombo Homes For The Aged
Past Director: Italian Canadian Benevolent Corporation
President: Hats On For Awareness (in support of CAMH)
Also: Real Estate Broker, Masters Realty Corporation
Licenced Mortgage Broker, Masters Realty Corporation
Past Member: Finance Committee, Building Committee Toronto Real Estate Board
Father of 3: Matthew, Oliver, Katherine"[1]

Gus Cusimano’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
Fernando, Anthony 

"Downsview Park

Taxes & Services

Jobs & Prosperity

Smart Development

Getting Around

Supporting Seniors

Youth and Early Learning

Tenants & Newcomers

Improving our TTC Service

A Healthy Community

A Green Community"[1]

"His interest for the community led him to form the Downsview Residents Association, a 2,000 member non-profit group which advocates for local issues. Over the last few years Anthony has:

- Corresponded with the Ministry of the Transportation and Metrolinx regarding trains carrying toxic substances passing through Downsview. 

  • - Kept residents informed about the intense development activity in the community, including the projects in Downsview Park and the condominium applications along Keele and Wilson.
  • Contacted the Ministry of the Environment to identify the toxic chemicals emitted by the industrial businesses in Downsview, in particular the Wilson and Murray road area.
  • Convened a meeting of parents, teachers and students of all the schools in Downsview (public and separate) to talk about school traffic safety, student job opportunities and after-school programs.

- Conducted three annual community safety audits in conjunction with Toronto Police Service – 31 Division that have improved dialogue between residents, business owners and local police  in Downsview."[1]

Anthony Fernando’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Hercules, Ances

Platform Headings:[1]


- Reliable Transit

- More Youth Jobs

- Community Safety Initiatives

- A proper balance between our "Greene" parks and Infrastructure

- "Swim to Survive" program in our school curriculum

- Better support for local Businesses

"Ances attended elementary school at St. Bernadette's Catholic School and Graduated High School at Notre Dame Secondary School in Ajax.

Eager to enter the workforce, she moved to Toronto 12 years ago landing a full-time job at a Scarborough food manufacturing company while working on her Business Administration Diploma. A few months into the company, Ances was quickly recognized for her ability to Lead and Engage others in problem solving. She was promoted as Main Office Administrator.

Married at age 19 with her first child, Ances' passion for helping others prompted her towards a demanding but yet fulfilling career in the medical field. She completed her Medical Laboratory Technician Diploma at a private College in Toronto; while still volunteering, working full-time and managing family affairs.

Ances Secured a position as a Medical Lab Assistant working in the emergency department at William Osler Health system. Working in the Allied Medical Profession has strengthen her skills and re-enforced her passion to continue helping the community. She has extensive People Relation experience working for and with various age groups in a diverse population within a multi-cultural community.

Ances Volunteers at Local Church Youth programs, Community Clean ups, Treasurer at local school council, Parent help for school trips, Heart and Stroke Foundation, just to name a few. She enjoys reading, swimming, working out, listening to music and taking her children for walks to the park.

In 2008, Ances moved to Keele and Sheppard. Now with her completed family of five; Her passion dwells in people relations and creating a better Home for her Family and Yours. She is ready to take up this challenging but yet rewarding position as your New City Councillor."[1]

Acnes Hurcules’s fully developed website is Learn about her and her policy priorities there.
Quattrociocchi, Danny

"Traffic Gridlock 

Traffic gridlock is something we all experience in Toronto.  It's arguably the most important issue facing us, and should be the number one priority at City Hall."[1]
"Subways versus LRTs 
On the issue of subways versus light rail transit (LRT), they both have pros and cons."[1]
"Expansion of Billy Bishop Airport
The benefits outweigh the costs of expanding the island airport. Given its location at the base of Toronto's central business district, the expansion would enhance economic development and create more jobs."[1]
"Job Creation 
I support job creation by promoting small business, which is the backbone of our economy. "[1]
"Development of Downsview Park
Locally, I support limiting the residential and commercial development of Downsview Park, keeping it as 'green' as possible!"[1]
"Creating Safe Neighbourhoods
I will work with our community to ensure your concerns are heard.  Our youth deserve to be safe whether attending school or playing at the park."[1]
"- My parents moved to Downsview in 1967 (Paxtonia Blvd.) and never left

- I attended St. Raphael, Chaminade, and Downsview Secondary School

- Received a BA in Economics from York University and an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University

- I am Founder and Managing Partner of Diversified Strategy Group Inc.

- Previously, spent nine years at Shoppers Drug Mart as Director of Retail Planning, and more than six years with Canadian Tire as Analyst, Team Leader and Program Manager

- Live on Gade Dr. near Roding Park

- I enjoy playing hockey, cycling, cooking, gardening, and travelling"[1]

Danny Quattrociocchi’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.


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1)      Candidate Websites, as listed in Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2)      Every Candidate: Ward 9:

3)      Position Primer: Ward 9:

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