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Welcome to our candidate review page.  We have tried to put together some info on each candidate, mostly from candidate webpages.


Information on some candidates may be missing, and we encourage you continue researching candidates using the following tools:

1) The ChoiceStorm Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2) If candidate contact info is missing from our pages, you can also check EveryCandidate.  Link in the references below.

3) The Toronto Position Primer, which provides "a side-by-side comparison of council candidates’ views on the issues that matter."  Link in the references below.


 Candidate  Platform  Experience  Campaign
 Barclay, Thomas     We have not found Thomas Barclay’s website.  To contact him, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.
Boucher, Princess  "During My tenure as City Councilor of ward 8, I will focus on a four-point agenda.
(1) Security:
·        Provision of speed bumps in family neighborhoods for safety of playing children.
(2) Social facilities/services:
·        Provision of youth programs/recreational facilities.
·        Provision of programs/centre for the seniors.
·        Provision of affordable daycare/summer programs for singles and low income families.
·        Provision of teenage pregnancy programs.
·        Enforcing the duty of garbage trucks to pick up split garbage.
·        Provision of more regular and adequate bus services, including week-ends.
·        Provision of at least one food bank in the area.
·        Provision of rehabilitation programs for ex-convicts.
(3) Housing:
·        Seeking to reduce the high property taxes.
·        Provision of affordable housing for low income families/upgrades.
(4) Employment:
·        Seeking Improvement of educational programs in order to be better qualified for employment."[1]

"Born in Mandeville Jamaica, she migrated to Canada at the age of 10. She attended and graduated from Burhampthorpe Collegiate Institute, Devry Institute of Technology, and Toronto School of Business.  She has certifications in Computer Applications, Business Operations and a diploma in Travel and Tourism.  Her awards include “Outstanding Employee Certificate”, “Outstanding Customer Service Certificate”, and “Travel and Tourism Award”. Her work experience and community relations span from 1989 and include work as school bus driver, public bus operator, hotel operator, security officer & supervisor, and travel sales representative."

"Princess is the owner and founder of the International Women Achievers Awards, which acknowledges women for their achievements and contributions to their community. The awards also show young women that they too can achieve their goals and dreams! She's also the founder ofPrincess Fae Peer Mediation Centre, which provides peer mediation to facilitate dispute resolutions, thereby changing the way youth understand and resolve conflicts in their lives."[1]

Princess Boucher’s fully developed website is  Learn about her and her policy priorities there.

Narain, Suzanne  

"Suzanne Narain is a local resident, activist and educator in the Jane and Finch community. She is an active supply teacher at many of the local elementary schools in the Ward 8 area. As an educator, both inside and outside of the classroom, Suzanne has worked to inspire critical thinkers and to bridge the gap between school and community. Suzanne has been involved in grassroots organizing for many years.

Born and raised in the Jane and Finch community of Ward 8, Suzanne is the daughter of immigrants. Her parents immigrated to Canada from Guyana in the 1970s and continue to reside in the neighbourhood. She attended Gosford Public School, Brookview Middle School, Westview Centennial Secondary School, and completed her Bachelor of Education at York University. She is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto. Her research is focused on race, citizenship and diaspora.

In 2010, Suzanne worked with local community residents, organizers and unions to resist school closures across the city and, particularly, in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood. Their advocacy resulted in schools in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood remaining open. Suzanne is a member of Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty and has been involved in several community-based actions such as advocating for the housing stabilization fund, priority neighbourhood resources and raising the minimum wage. Most recently, Suzanne is part of creating awareness and organizing around the Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy, and advocating for more transparent processes between the City of Toronto and residents in “priority neighbourhoods”.

Suzanne has also conducted scholarly research on the impacts of gentrification on citizens in the Jane and Finch area. The outcomes of this research was published in the Journal of Critical Race Studies. She currently sits on the Black Creek Community Farm Resident’s Council and was the Co-Chair for the Public Access and Education Committee at the York University TD Engagement Centre in 2012. Suzanne is also a member of Connect the Dots collective that works to train and educate organizations working in the Jane and Finch area on systemic issues affecting the community.

Now entering the race for municipal politics, Suzanne strives to improve the social conditions of the community. Futhermore, she has and continues to do the work that seeks to bring investment into the community while promoting the assets of the neighbourhood for lasting positive change."[1]

Suzanne Narain's under construction website is  Learn about her and her policy priorities there.

Perruzza, Anthony    "A father, avid cyclist, and outspoken advocate, Anthony has represented ward 8 for the last seven years with pride, determination and hard work. An advocate for community programming and education, Anthony secured funding for the expansion of the York Woods Library Theatre, the construction of the Oakdale Community Centre, and supports agencies which provide support to the most vulnerable in our community.

He was a member of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority, Director of the Toronto Community Housing Board, member of the Municipal Licensing and Standards Committee and member of the Toronto Library Board to name a few.

As past MPP, Trustee and North York Councillor, Anthony is the hard working and experienced leader to represent ward 8.

Anthony has acted on issues that affect the daily lives of those in the community. He created Property Tax and Water Rebate programs helping seniors and people living with disability, hosting events to help with paper work. He also called for major infrastructure upgrades to the roads and sewers in the community to address basement flooding and pot holes. He works with many youth organizations like MATA, Teach2Learn, Tour De Black Creek Bike Race and others to active youth in the community. He also hosts a yearly Canada Day event at Fountainhead Park and holds smaller holiday celebrations in TCH buildings. Currently he is the Community Development and Recreation Committee Chair and Member of the Executive Committee.

Looking out for the safety and comfort of the community, Anthony asked Toronto Hydro and Toronto Water for sewer upgrades as well as road resurfacing on Finch Ave West. He has held many meeting assisting homeowners with basement flooding and has created a program where school zone safety traffic reviews work in collaboration with school boards and the City. Recently, he worked with Canada Lands Company to open William Baker Park for the community to enjoy. The fenced off forested park, located at Keele and Sheppard will be opening soon"[1]

Anthony Perruzza's fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Smitherman, Arthur "- 53% of Torontonians will be under the Low Income Cut Off by 2025. Poverty is spreading at pandemic proportions; and economically this has created a drag on the middle class, which is getting smaller every year. In the mean time, the wealthy are making more money every year.

- Because the City has misdirected financial capital, 21 'high poverty areas' have developed in Toronto. Women and children are more inclined to be in poverty than men, this has caused a 'War on Women in Children'.

- The cost of poverty and discrimination is hard to estimate; but it undermines consumerism and contracts the size of markets. This is 'another' reason that the middle class is getting smaller.

- The City of Toronto has not make adequate investments in its transit system. The fact that someone from Jane-Finch [or other suburban 'high poverty area'] spends four hours to get to work, whilst someone at Jane-Bloor takes twenty minutes to get to work – undermines the efficiency in the labor market, and contributes to poverty and a shrinking middle class.

- High taxes and tax increases hurt the poor and middle class far more than people in the higher income brackets. The City of Toronto has good revenues; but Toronto City Council misdirect the revenues – to assets that are designed to assist people in the higher income brackets, and ignore the poor and middle class."[1]

"My informal studies of Anthropology give me a unique understanding of the economic demands placed on business, people and community.  I will anticipate challenges to the community and advocate for positive change in a manner that is ‘in the best interest of all voters’ and delivers better value.

I have a breadth of post secondary education.  This allows me to perform proper analysis and research in a variety of areas.  Coupled with my formal and informal study of economics, I can apply ‘common sense economics’ to a variety of challenges in business and social environments.

As a person who has graduated from York University’s Dispute Resolution Program, and that has leveraged these studies with my own research and analysis – I am very professional in ‘think tank’ and ‘dispute resolution’ settings.  I leverage these interactions into ‘mutual interest bargaining’ and get ‘full value for all’."[1]

Arthur Smitherman’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Vescio, Antonio    

We have not found Antonio Vescio’s website.  To contact him, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.


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1)      Candidate Websites, as listed in Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2)      Every Candidate: Ward 8:

3)      Position Primer: Ward 8:

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