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 Toronto Municipal Election 2014


Welcome to our candidate review page.  We have tried to put together some info on each candidate, mostly from candidate webpages.


Information on some candidates may be missing, and we encourage you continue researching candidates using the following tools:

1) The ChoiceStorm Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2) If candidate contact info is missing from our pages, you can also check EveryCandidate.  Link in the references below.

3) The Toronto Position Primer, which provides "a side-by-side comparison of council candidates’ views on the issues that matter."  Link in the references below.


 Candidate  Platform  Experience  Campaign
Capar, Stanislaw     We don’t have any contact info for Stanislaw Capar. If anyone has details, pass them on.
Ford, Russ

"I will be available

I will be your voice

I will help get people moving

I will help build a vibrant community

I will support public programs"[1]


Website has page where visitors are asked to provide feedback: 

"We're listening to what Ward 6 residents have to say. Let's change the way politics is done.

Let Russ know what matters to you in Ward 6, and how we can work together to overcome the challenges in our community."[1]

"In his 10 years as executive director of LAMP, Russ has earned a sterling reputation as a man of integrity, a consensus builder who respects others’ views. He has a vision of our Lakeshore community that is founded on a deep understanding of what makes our community work.

Lately the Lakeshore has become a forgotten corner of Toronto at city council. It’s been allowed to become an open-for-business profit centre for developers who have no stake in preserving what’s good about our unique community.

As the head of LAMP, a Lakeshore institution for 30 years, Russ knows the heart of this community – the families, the small businesses, the volunteers and organizations that contribute so much to our neighbourhoods."[1]
Russ Ford’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
Grimes, Mark   "Before entering politics, Mark worked as a Professional Trader and Market Maker for a major financial firm for 13 years at the Toronto Stock Exchange. After the trading floor closed, Mark started a logistics business in South Etobicoke. He remains President and Owner, while the thriving business is managed by his brothers. From this experience, he became keenly aware of the pressing economic issues for local businesses.

Mark is proud to have helped revitalize Ward 6 by building Mimico Square, Amos Waites Park, Mimico Waterfront Park, the Eighth Street Skatepark, the Skating Trail in Sam Smith Park, and revitalizing Marie Curtis Park (to name a few). In partnership with Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, Mark led the charge on City Council to finance and build the Mastercard Centre for Hockey Excellence, the Maple Leafs' practice facility on Kipling Ave. As Chair of the Board of Governors at Exhibition Place, Mark has also championed the City of Toronto's national soccer stadium, BMO field, and the recently announced Raptors' practice facility, both on the Exhibition Place grounds. Currently, Mark has embraced his role as the City Council Games Champion for the 2015 Pan and Parapan Am Games which will see over 7000 athletes from 31 countries compete in 36 Pan Am sports and 15 Parapan Am sports.

As a life-long resident, activist, and businessperson in South Etobicoke, Mark has first-hand knowledge of the issues the community is facing. He understands the Lakeshore and will continue to work to protect the community's best interests as they are his own."[1]

Mark Grimes’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
James, Ruthmary     We don’t have any contact info for Ruthmary James. If anyone has details, pass them on.
Jankielewicz, Miroslaw  

"My name is Miroslaw Jankielewicz.

I'm running for city council in Ward 6 because I care about the future of my riding and the city of Toronto.

My story is one of the many immigrants who come to Canada seeking a better life and making it happen through hard work.  For me, it started 25 years ago in Toronto and the city has been my home since.

My Canadian work experience began in construction as a precast worker, and after putting myself through college and university, I started a new career in Information Technology.   For the last 17 years, I've been providing consulting services to leading Canadian companies and contributing to their success.

I'm married and I’ve been living in Ward 6 since 2007.

I'm not affiliated with any political party.

Values like honesty, integrity, commitment, teamwork, respect, efficiency, innovation and creativity are important to me and I believe are vital to being a good leader.

Today, Ward 6 and the city of Toronto need a vision and a long-term plan to realize it.

My idea is to transform Ward 6 and the City of Toronto into a more functional place and a leading Smart Community.

On October 27th, vote for change!"[1]

Miroslaw Jankielewicz’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
Laxer, Michael

"A Socialist Alternative to Cutbacks & Austerity - Build a Better Toronto"

Platform Headings:

"Economic Justice & the $15 an Hour Minimum Wage



Police Accountability

A More Democratic City Hall & Michael's Income Pledge

Fighting the Austerity Agendy

Why Socialism?

LGBTQ Rights

Other Issues"[1]

"Michael Laxer is a long time resident of Ward 6 with his partner Natalie and their 3 children. They run a bookstore in the Ward on Lake Shore Blvd. together and Michael has lived and worked in the community every single day for over 12 years.

Michael has a Degree in History from Glendon College of York University. He is a writer for the website where many of his articles can be found.

He is a political and community activist, a two-time former candidate and former election organizer for the NDP, was a socialist candidate for Toronto City Council in 2010 and is the Chairperson of the Socialist Party of Ontario."[1]
Michael Laxer’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
Letonja, John

"#1 Definitely No New Taxes not from me anytime anywhere, its time to generate are own money to run the city.

#2  Get Rid of the Land Transfer Tax.

#3  Start a new referendum public forum and let the people vote and recommend on what council dose before implementing procedures  in your riding, and see who is voting on what ever the council and mayor comes up with, which you cannot see now. I will set this up for free not from Tax payers money.

#4  On Payment for New Purchase items, I would like to see a price laid is a price paid policy in Toronto what you see on the price tag is what you pay for, taxes are built in the receipt.

#5  Better Education and work shops in the community so adult and students can learn more and do more activities together all year long."[1]

Please visit website to view items #6 to #13

"I live and worked in Etobicoke Lakeshore riding 45 years I work for Purolator  as a driver and I am a inventor and designer  I am 56 year old smart and down to earth and caring person and do not like to see people being stepped on.

Also I have family ties with the first former Minster of agriculture that was in the Ontario legislative assemble PC party

I watched Etobicoke Lakeshore change from big industry to condos where a lot of people lost there jobs from free trade.

I do not care for any political party as they are out there for themselves, they do not care about the people, sure they will offer you something that looks good to you, and they hope you will take the bait, as I am an independent candidate I have no Hitler boss just the great smart people that voted for me."[1]

John Letonja’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Moulder, Peggy     We don’t have any contact info for Peggy Moulder. If anyone has details, pass them on.
O'Callaghan, Sean     We don’t have any contact info for Sean O'Callaghan. If anyone has details, pass them on.
Searle, Dave

I'm a Baby Boomer, "born in the Great City of Toronto", a happy single dude like our longest-serving Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King, residing in the breathtaking Humber Bay Shores as a property owner for "over a decade" and I support John Tory or Doug Ford for Mayor.

The Humber Loop Walkway modernization to move rusted rails further from the wall so folks can pass with walkers, baby carriages, and groceries carts without collision or dangerous slipping under the rails to pass onto the 80 000 lb. streetcar tracks even more so concerning with ice in winter. 


No Tolls, municipal vehicle permit hikes, or Gas or Sales Tax Increases -a "tax freedom" day mid-year doesn't foster growth, jobs, and confidence.


Contract out garbage east side of Yonge, study contracting out or Parks and Recreation so savings, TTC improvements in GPS spacing of streetcars, too often two in a row then, says every 10 minutes and waiting for 30 minutes, update obsolete schedules.


A Humber Bay Shores Go Station on the east side of Parklawn with booming population would ease congestion.


Transit must be objective #1 prioritized by Council over Community Centres, Sports Complexes, beach umbrellas, and brick wallways.


More commercial spaces in condo developments.


Another voice in the reform the OMB Premier Wynne campaign without which candidate promises to thwart highrises is hollow hearsay merely to get votes[2]

2003 P.C. Canada Delegate -Etobicoke-Lakeshore running for the "3rd time in Ward 6" to check insatiable spending of taxpayer dollars by socialists on Council.

  Proprietor of Petroleum Franchises for a Decade, New Car Salesman of the Year Selling for over a Decade in Etobicoke.


Former Cancer Society Volunteer Driver and Member of the Empire Club of Canada, Animal Rights and Death With Dignity Activist


I miss Mayor Mel Lastman he was a real people person; however, and glad the days of Barbara Hall and David Miller are long gone and that we have come to "respect the taxpayer" under Rob Ford steady hand that has seen unprecedented construction in Toronto as never before surpassing NYC or Chicago!

I abhorred the 5 cent grocery bag levy and am unnerved by the status-quo convinced that better attendence at City Council for votes is more crucial now than ever![2]
Sheppard, Everett

I am a doer not a dreamer.

I believe in fast action after full analysis of issues.


I will cut as much red tape as possible for people to get immediate responses.


I will be accountable to the people by being completely open and honest.


I will be transparent by bringing all issues to the public before they are voted upon.


I will fight to remove all streetcars and replace with many more buses to alleviate the grid lock as well as promote rider safety.


I will respond to every email and telephone call as well as having an "open door policy".  Everyone is welcome to visit with their comments, suggestions and even complaints.

I will fight as hard for  the public as I did during my professional wrestling career.


My Slogan is LET'S FIX WARD 6!!!!!![2]

 Long time South Etobicoke resident with business ownership, management, union steward, and city experiece as Chairman of the Lakeshore Village B.I.A..


Please visit my website for more details[2]


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sysak, Robert     We don’t have any contact info for Robert Sysak. If anyone has details, pass them on.


Together with my staff and volunteers, I offer you this pledge: I
 will above all be inclusive and accessible. You, the voters, are the 
most important participants in the decision-making process and I
 guarantee that your voice will be heard.


Do I have an immediate, clear understanding of our collective goals 
and needs? I've spent my life and career in west Toronto, and the answer is yes. Blend insight with imagination, and opportunities and solutions will take shape.


You can quote me on this:

"I am committed to making myself available to the residents of Ward 6."

Nothing matters more at City Hall than being on the job full-time for 
the voters one represents."[1]

"I am 42 years old, have been a police officer for almost all my career and have lived in the west end of Toronto all my life. I was raised and schooled in the High Park area before going on to Humber College (Lakeshore Campus) and Ryerson University.

I am a member of the Toronto Police Service who has been granted a two month unpaid leave of absence from the performance of my duties as a police officer for the purpose of pursuing office in the municipal elections.

My background is almost all locally oriented.

In 2002, I purchased a condo on the waterfront in the Humber Bay Shores community, in one of the original condo buildings, and have lived there ever since, serving as director/president of the building association.

I am also a serving board member for Victim Services Toronto that provides crisis intervention for families affected by crime and sudden tragedies and a board member of the Gatehouse which provide support group services for adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

My other volunteer activities have encompassed the Humber Bay Shore Waterfront Festival, the Lamp Community Health Centre, the Etobicoke Rotary Club, Good Shepherd Center, Project Winter Survival and Youth Day.

For years I have attended town-hall meetings in my community regarding development and transit – the two key issues in the Ward, in my view. As well, I have extensive experience in dealing with the media, usually at short notice."[1]

Tory Vella’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.


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1)      Candidate Websites, as listed in Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2)      Information added directly by Candidate or Campaign Team

3)      Every Candidate: Ward 6:

4)      Position Primer: Ward 6:

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