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Toronto Municipal Election 2014


Welcome to our candidate review page.  We have tried to put together some info on each candidate, mostly from candidate webpages.


Information on some candidates may be missing, and we encourage you continue researching candidates using the following tools:

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3) The Toronto Position Primer, which provides "a side-by-side comparison of council candidates’ views on the issues that matter."  Link in the references below.


 Candidate  Platform  Experience  Campaign
Crawford, Gary   "Public service and making a difference in your community has always been an admirable goal to Gary Crawford. Elected in 2010 as the City Councillor for Ward 36 – Scarborough Southwest, he first ran successfully for the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) as Trustee in 2003 because he believed that a transparent and responsible public school system is the keystone for a strong and successful democratic society. As Trustee (2003-2010) and a former Vice-Chair of the Board, Gary has had the opportunity to advocate for children and their families at the community, city and provincial levels.

An accomplished artist (landscape and portrait painter), Gary is a strong supporter and advocate for arts and culture within our city. While at the TDSB, he was a leader in spearheading initiatives with the TDSB’s vast Art, Archival and Historical Collection.

Gary has been a strong leader at City Hall, during this past term, advocating for the residents of Ward 36 to create a stronger community and to build a better city. His ability to work with diverse groups to build consensus has gained him respect from his peers at Council, and the many Boards and Committees he sits on. Along with being a professional artist, Gary is also a drummer in a local classic rock and roll band. He holds an Honours BFA in Fine Arts from York University and comes from a business background in the food industry, holding both management and consultant positions."

Gary Crawford‘s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
Green, Ed     We have not found Ed Green’s website.  To contact them, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.
McDermott, Robert

My platform is based on leadership, accountability and a positive vision  for residents in Ward 36.


I have spoken to residents, business owners and community groups in the ward and they have told me clearly what issues are important to them in the upcoming election.


These issues are:


-  Better Transit

-  Improved bus service

-  A subway for Scarborough

-  Phase out the Municipal    Land Transfer Tax

-  Lower taxes

-  Street parking

-  Improved municipal infrastructure

-  City jobs for city residents

-  Traffic / congestion

-  Leadership at City Hall


When I am elected, I will work vigorously to address these important issues on behalf of the residents in Ward 36.


We need much better representation at City Hall.


Make your vote count!



Robert McDermott

Councillor - Ward 36

Scarborough Southwest


* Leadership

* Accountability

* Vision


It's what residents want.[2]


 As a long tome resident of Scarborough Southwest, a  local realtor in the area and having ran in the last municipal election in the ward, I have an excellent knowledge of issues that are important to residents in Ward 36.


As organizer for the Toronto Land Transfer Tax Coalition, we are running candidates in all 44 city wards to phase out the Municipal Land Transfer Tax. Our candidates are committed to phasing out this unfair and unwanted tax.


The majority of Torontonians have said overwhelmingly that they want the land transfer tax phased out. In Ward 36, 70% of residents oppose the land transfer tax and want it phased out.  I will respect the wishes of residents in the ward on this issue.[2]

Robert McDermott‘s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.



Mohebzada, Masihullah  "The areas for improvement I want to focus on for Ward 36 is;

 -Better transit
 -Child care
 -Community Housing
 -Youth services
 -Senior Services
 -Community safety

Only together can we make big changes. Help bring power, visualization and determination back to our community; and back to city hall"1

 "My story is similar to that of many of the residents in our ward, one of immigrant success. I was born in what has become one of the most controversial regions in the world; Kabul, Afghanistan. At the age of 1, I and my family moved to Pakistan and we lived there for 9 years until my family decided to move to Canada. We found our new home in Scarborough due to the growing economy in the area. Because of our determination, our family found our first job in Canada."1 Masihullah Mohebzada‘s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
Musters, Andre    

Andre Musters is active on twitter.  Learn more about him there.

Robertson, Joy     We have not found Joy Robertson’s website.  To contact her, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.
Spencer, Robert  


✓ Expand public transit improve local bus service now
✓ Invest in infrastructure to prevent flooding
✓ Create jobs and help local business grow
✓ Improve services for youth, families and seniors
✓ Give value for your tax dollars
✓ Build mixed income affordable housing
✓ Develop green community planning strategies[2]


Robert has spent most of his working life trying to make our city and communities better. He’s an activist, an organizer, and a connector – the kind of person who puts people together to achieve good things.
Robert has extensive experience in public policy and knows how to see projects through. He also understands the challenges facing small businesses in a difficult economy, having run his own both as a consultant and a plant manager.
Robert’s background includes:

  • Executive Director, Ontario Association of Food Banks
  • Past Chair, Toronto Board of Education
  • Research Coordinator, Ontario Fair Tax Commission
  • Member Governing Council, University of Toronto
  • Member of the Board, George Brown College
  • Co-Founder, Bluffs Advocate community newspaper
  • Co-Founder, Beach Community Energy Co-op

Robert has a B.Sc. in Math and Physics and a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Toronto. He’s currently a part-time PhD candidate at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Robert lives with his wife of 28 years, journalist Helen Mann and their daughter, Fiona as well as Stanley, a very spoiled basset hound.[2]

Robert Spencer‘s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Tobin, Christian

Platform Headings:










"Christian Tobin was born in Toronto and showed a strong interest in public service from an early age, volunteering on his first election campaign at 8 years old.

Following school, Christian turned his focus toward the not for profit sector which led to a position with Calgary based PASC as an Employment Facilitator for people with physical and developmental disabilities.

Upon his return to Toronto, Christian jumped back into politics as a volunteer on the 2006 re-election campaign of then Ward 22 Councillor, Michael Walker. Christian's tireless work ethic and sound judgment earned him a position as Constituency Assistant in Councillor Walker's office.

At present, Christian is organising the Dawn 2 Dusk Ball Hockey Game, a 12 hour endeavour, held in Toronto, in support of Kids Help Phone.

A resident of Warden Avenue, Christian believes the focus of an elected official should be to listen to the needs of constituents - to do what is best for them, not what is best for the Mayor or Council.

In his spare time Christian enjoys playing acoustic guitar. He is a proud supporter of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto Maple Leafs."


Christian Toby's fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.





1)      Candidate Websites, as listed in Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2)      Information added by candidate or campaign team.

3)      Every Candidate: Ward 36:

4)      Position Primer: Ward 36:

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