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Welcome to our candidate review page.  We have tried to put together some info on each candidate, mostly from candidate webpages.


Information on some candidates may be missing, and we encourage you continue researching candidates using the following tools:

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3) The Toronto Position Primer, which provides "a side-by-side comparison of council candidates’ views on the issues that matter."  Link in the references below.


 Candidate  Platform  Experience  Campaign
Baker, Bruce    

Bruce Baker is active on twitter.  Learn more about him there.

Brookman, Jim    

We have not found Jim Brookman’s website.  To contact him, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.

Burke, Alan "Key Items in my Campaign Platform:

More Daycare Spaces

Maintaining our Waterfront Parks, and ensure we have the staff we need to do so.

Cleaning up the problems at Woodbine Beach Park & Ashbridges Bay (I have already started working on this). We have had a rash of car break ins this summer, an assault of a restaurant patron, and illegal bonfires causing many problems, including some ones foot getting severely burned.

Working to move transit forward, and start to show results now.

Changing the substandard sewer lines, particularly south of Queen Street to stop the basement flooding.

Creating employment, I will be launching a new company in 2015, which will create good high paying jobs.

Managing development, so we ensure we maintain the integrity of Queen Street East in The Beach!"[1]

"I am a self-employed business owner; running a company providing phone systems, cabling, and consulting services in telecommunications.  I hold an Honors Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Concordia University, as well as certificates from Humber College, and Ryerson University. My community experience is extensive; I am president of the East Beach Community Association, and I have previously served on the Toronto City Cycling Committee.  Significant achievements have included:

  1. I served on the Gardiner Construction Monitoring Committee that was created when we dismantled the Gardiner east of the DVP.  Through my efforts, and others the city won an award for a well managed construction project that worked to minimize disruptions to residents and merchants.
  1. July 2009, I supplied and ran a large washroom trailer at Woodbine Beach; and through my efforts and assistance from the merchant community in The Beach, most of the city trash bins on Queen Street & Kingston Road, were serviced for the duration of the city strike.
  1. In 2010, I represented residents at the OMB to win a judgement against a large three story home with a deck on the third floor, which would have destroyed residents privacy.

The summer of 2014 I intervened in the construction project on Kingston Road between Victoria Park Avenue & Warden.  As a result of the meetings I had with the contractor and City of Toronto Engineering Services, I was able to accelerate progress, and get the working completed to Fallingbrook Road, by the Labour Day weekend, to minimize the disruption to the Elementary School Students at Courcelette Public School."[1]

Alan Burke’s fully developed website is Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Bussin, Sandra "Transit

There is a debate raging in this election about the best way to provide new transit systems for Toronto. One of the proposals offers better service than the others with secure financing and a schedule that provides short-term relief for gridlock.


Infrastructure improvements must once again become a top priority for this city. In Beaches-East York, we especially need to improve our flood controls. And when there is an emergency, as with last winter's ice storm, we need to be better prepared to respond effectively.


Without a change in leadership, the unique village atmosphere of our community is threatened by expanded condominium development."[1]

"Sandra Bussin was born and raised in Beaches-East York, Toronto.

Sandra began her career in the political world, first at City Hall working for Anne Johnston, City Councillor, followed a position as a researcher and case worker with MPP Morton Shulman at Queen's Park. Shulman was considered the unofficial Ombudsman by the public at that time and Sandra was energized by this experience, developing strong advocacy skills.

After a lengthy career at Queen's Park, Sandra became a secondary school teacher. Raising her own family in Beaches-East York, Sandra ran for the elected position of School Trustee and served for three terms.

At the time of amalgamation of the City of Toronto, Sandra ran for City Councillor. She won a seat on Council in an unprecedented defeat of two incumbent councillors. Serving for 4 terms, Sandra was a Deputy Mayor and later was also elected by City Councillors to be the first Speaker of the City Council.

For the last four years, Sandra has established a real estate career in Toronto. She continues to serve her community and the City of Toronto residents as an active Board member of the Red Door Family Shelter located in the east-end. She was selected Columnist of the Year for her monthly column in the Beaches-Riverdale-East York Town Crier in 2013 by the Ontario Community Newspaper Association."[1]

Sandra Bussin’s fully developed website is Learn about her and her policy priorities there.

Connor, Michael     We have not found Michael Connor’s website.  To contact him, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.
Dawson, Sean    

We have not found Sean Dawson’s website.  To contact him, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.

de Boer, Eric "I will insist that council conduct referendums on major issues - they can be held on-line and at minimal cost.  I will ensure that information about issues that affect us most is available for public consumption.  I will propose smart alternatives, welcome lively debate, and ultimately put it to a vote to both encourage and enhance your participation in running our city.  I will have the courage to vote in line with the democratic will of the people. Toronto residents should determine major issues like expanding the TTC, fixing the Gardiner Expressway, changing Billy Bishop's runway, allowing a casino and deciding how many councillors our city should have."[1] "I have been self-employed in the transportation industry for over a decade and have established myself as one of the most responsible, competent, and efficient brokers. My strong crisis and project management skills have allowed me to move quickly into more demanding roles where I must negotiate the purchase of, and operation of necessary equipment. I welcome opportunities that require additional responsibility and I am accustomed to managing high stress and fast paced operations."[1]

Eric de Boer’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Garcia, Maria    

We have not found Maria Garcia’s website.  To contact her, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.

Graff, Brian

Platform Headings:[1]




Parking: No On-Street Parking Permits for Buyers in New Condo Developments

Require Proper Traffic Studies, and All of Required Studies, for All New Development

Better Protection for Queen Street, and for all our Mainstreets and Heritage Buildings

Expansion of Billy Bishop Airport & Allowing Jets (I am against this.)

Gardiner East Study

Scarborough Transit - Subway or LRT?

More Parkland - We need far more park space and public space along the Danfroth and all across the City

Brian was born in Toronto, and this has been his home his entire life. 

He was raised by a single mother, with the help of my two grandmothers, and he attended school in Toronto. 

Brian is single, with no wife or children (which explains the lack of such photos that you typically find in campaign materials, unlike some candidate's literature, if you were wondering).

His hobbies tend to involve building things or working around his home, including doing his own home repairs to save money, so he knows the value of your hard earned dollars. 

In terms of education, he has degrees in Environmental Studies and Architecture, and an MBA in Finance. He has a real estate license, and has started courses for an AACI real estate valuations and appraisals accreditation. Brian has done some consulting work which hew recently incorporated as Cassandra Research Inc. He will bring his ample experience in business to City Council.He has spent hundreds of hours fighting inappropriate condominium development projects on Queen St. and elsewhere in our Ward, and also offered his help to people in other parts of the city with their fights at the OMB.  He will bring my passion and experience to protecting our community .Brian Graff is a political moderate who believes in thinking long term, and making the necessary investments for our future."[1]

Brian Graff’s fully developed website is Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

McMahon, Mary-Margaret   "Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon grew up in Collingwood, Ontario. When she moved to Toronto she chose to live in The Beach because it reminded her of the small Ontario towns she knew as a child. Mary-Margaret has developed deep roots in our community; you might run into her at early morning yoga on Kew Beach, walking her dog through Williamson Ravine or, having coffee at Gerrard and Main. As a stay-at-home mom, English teacher, activist, community animator and, now City Councillor, her love and enthusiasm for Ward 32 continues to grow."[1] Mary-Margaret McMahon's fully developed website is Learn about her and her policy priorities there.
Sears, James "Furthermore, Ward 32 is primarily CHRISTIAN.  Marxism is the enemy of both Christianity and Islam.  Marxists want to destroy or warp Jesus' message.  I will be pursuing a "What Would Jesus Do?" morality test toward civic decision-making.  I want to be both ethical and compassionate. Jesus DEFINITELY would not give taxpayer money to homosexuals to have a parade. He would love them the way he would love any person born with a disability, just as he loved the lepers. If I asked City Hall for money for a "Straight Pride Parade" featuring floats of topless ladies giving hairy, out of shape men back massages, whilst serving them Greek coffee and hand-feeding them grapes, our politicians would not have the same enthusiasm to open and empty the public purse."[1]

James Sears is also known as "Dimitri the Lover".  On his election webpage, he self-describes as follows:

"On the other hand, like Rob Ford, I have an OBSESSION with derailing the gravy train.  However, unlike Rob Ford, I have excellent communication skills which allow me to clearly explain exactly where the gravy is flowing and how to stop it.  I speak in an eloquent, bombastic manner which will ignite the masses and subsequently move people to rally behind me in this gravypocalypical battle of biblical proportions. I am sickened by the waste at city hall.  Residents know from my "infamous" history that I am not afraid to speak my mind, and that I will do everything in my power to promote my constituents' agenda, LOUDLY AND WITH MASSIVE MEDIA ATTENTION."[1]

James Sears’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
Suttor, Carmel "There's a high cost to low taxes.

Let's repair what we've neglected

- transit and congestion

- infrastructure

- services that make life better for rich and poor alike

We have the lowest taxes rates in the GTA. Moving towards having an average tax rate would give us better transit, infrastructure repairs, services for children and the vulnerable, as well as the parks and beautiful spaces we love.

Let's be aware of the choices we are making. We can decide to make Toronto a city with crumbling infrastructure and frustrated people, or we can make Toronto a city with a good transit system where people of every age, economic status, ethnicity and lifestyle can thrive.

Let's make that decision by looking at the facts. Let's have an adult conversation. Every single year."[1]

"My professional experience spans both the public and private sectors.  I ran a successful small business as a writer for television, film, radio and magazines, then spent most of the last decade teaching French Immersion for the Toronto District School Board.   I left teaching two years ago and plan to spend this phase of my life working for positive changes regardless of whether I win this election.

Born in Australia, I moved with my family to Toronto when I was eight, and I spent a few very happy years in a brand new suburb in Etobicoke.  After spending my adolescence in Windsor and my student years in Quebec and Paris, I moved to Toronto in the 1980's and have made it my home ever since.  I raised my family over in Toronto Danforth and moved to beautiful Ward 32 just over three years ago.

My move to Ward 32 coincided with the huge cutbacks announced by the Ford administration that threatened to devastate the city I love.  Like many others, I became more active in city politics at that time, spent a lot of time petitioning against the cuts and going to meetings, and helped start an advocacy group called ForWard32 whose mandate was to promote civic awareness among voters and honest dialogue with councillors."[1]

Carmel Suttor’s fully developed website is Learn about her and her policy priorities there.



1)      Candidate Websites, as listed in Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2)      Every Candidate: Ward 32:

3)      Position Primer: Ward 32:

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