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Toronto Municipal Election 2014


Welcome to our candidate review page.  We have tried to put together some info on each candidate, mostly from candidate webpages.


Information on some candidates may be missing, and we encourage you continue researching candidates using the following tools:

1) The ChoiceStorm Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2) If candidate contact info is missing from our pages, you can also check EveryCandidate.  Link in the references below.

3) The Toronto Position Primer, which provides "a side-by-side comparison of council candidates’ views on the issues that matter."  Link in the references below.


 Candidate  Platform  Experience  Campaign
Andre, Dave    "Civil engineer, husband, father and lifelong volunteer, Dave lives in East York with his wife and two children. In his professional life, Dave works as a technical specialist in the construction of infrastructure.

Dave grew up in Scarborough and graduated with a Bachelors of Applied Science from the University of Toronto. After completing his education, Dave moved to Vancouver where he met his wife Rebecca.

Dave has worked in development projects in Kenya and Guatemala, served with non-profits on Vancouver downtown eastside and mentored children and young adults through various organizations."[1]

Dave Andre’s website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
Fragedakis, Mary  

"Mary Fragedakis was elected to Toronto City Council in 2010. As a life-long resident of Ward 29, Mary brings extensive business expertise and strong community-building experience to her role as Councillor.

Prior to her election, Mary served as Vice President of a business-to-business conference company. In 2008, her company was awarded Best Overall Performance for Small Business in Toronto. The award also won Mary recognition for her green advocacy efforts in promoting conferences dedicated to eco-marketing and best practices. Mary is fiscally prudent, having completed the Canadian Securities Course and held several positions in the financial sector."[1]

Mary Fragedakis's Incumbent Councillor website has information at Learn about her and her policy priorities there.

 Martyn, Hank    

Hank Martyn is on twitter; learn more about him there.


Papadakis, John  

"John Papadakis, a lifelong resident of East York, has distinguished himself in service to his community for many years. His dedication to the people and the special lifestyle of East York has been shown through his tireless efforts to keep this urban jewel strong.

John served as Ward 3 Councillor from 1991 to 1994. During his term of office, he chaired several council committees, including Transportation,

Fire Department, Human Resources, Public Relations and Public Safety. In addition, he was also chosen to serve as Deputy Mayor and Acting Mayor.

John’s community activity has never depended on being an elected member of Council; he has put himself at the forefront of many critical issues, including leading the fight to preserve the East York Civic Centre and the War Memorial Gardens as assets of the community, and initiating the demand for East York to have its rightful third council seat after amalgamation of Metro Toronto. A graduate of York University (Glendon) in Political Science, a Provincial Instructor in (BEM) Basic Emergency Management with Ontario Government, Emergency Management Ontario. John is a PARALEGAL and member of the Law Society of Upper Canada with his own private practice. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Community Emergency Preparedness Association and Commander in Chief for Community Emergency Response Teams"[2]

John Papadakis is on twitter; learn more about him there.  



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1)      Candidate Websites, as listed in Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2)      Information sent by email from Candidate or campaign team to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

3)      Every Candidate: Ward 29:

4)      Position Primer: Ward 29:

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