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Toronto Municipal Election 2014


Welcome to our candidate review page.  We have tried to put together some info on each candidate, mostly from candidate webpages.


Information on some candidates may be missing, and we encourage you continue researching candidates using the following tools:

1) The ChoiceStorm Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2) If candidate contact info is missing from our pages, you can also check EveryCandidate.  Link in the references below.

3) The Toronto Position Primer, which provides "a side-by-side comparison of council candidates’ views on the issues that matter."  Link in the references below.


 Candidate  Platform  Experience  Campaign
 Andreae, Mike  "I have some visionary yet pragmatic ideas for change in the City of Toronto and in our ward 20 neighbourhoods. I look forward to sharing these ideas and learning what you think about them over the months ahead.

1. Streets are for people.

2. Protect and celebrate the things that matter. 

3. Build a Toronto ready for today and tomorrow."[1]

For full platform, see website.

"Mike has been one of your neighbours for 13 years. When he arrived to study at the University of Toronto he fell in love with Trinity-Spadina and its neighbourhoods. He is a published author, actor, and is active in the community. Ward 20 is where Mike lives, works, and plays.

After completing his bachelors degree in History and Geography at University of Toronto, Mike Andreae moved to the middle of Ward 20.  Over the past decade he has enjoyed all the fantastic neighbourhoods, sights, sounds, and flavours the area has to offer.

Starting in 2003 Mike has been strongly involved volunteering with Global Vision, a youth organization run by Order of Canada recipient Terry Clifford.  With Global Vision he has helped teach young Canadians how to make a difference in their community and around the world.

Not satisfied with his education to this point Mike studied Economic Geography at York University.  He was interested in how people get together and interact at events, and how these interactions lead to business development.  This sparked an interest in how cities and neighbourhoods provide benefit.

Complementing his educational background Mike has worked a wide array of theatrical and film industry jobs, on stage, behind camera, setting up, and managing shows.  Additionally he has extended union coverage to bring benefits and protection to entertainment industry workers.

Over the past 5 years has become even more involved in the local community, performing in his first circus show and hip hop dance show this year."[1]

Mike Andreae’s website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Carty-Kegel, Stephanie     We have not found Stephanie Carty-Kegel’s website.  To contact her, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.
Christoff, Daryl

Platform Headings:



Accountability, Civility, & Respect at City Hall and IN Ward 20

Community Building

Neighbourhood Community Groups and Associations



Budget & Spending


Strong and Safe Communities

Building heights

Community benefits

Vibrant communities and small businesses

Transit, walkability and “cyclability”

Streetcar service must improve.

Transit is an investment.

Urban design must be cyclist- and pedestrian-focused"

For full platform, see website.

"I grew up as a third generation farmer in the Niagara falls area. Our 100 acre family farm raised vegetables and livestock. It was in my time on our farm that I learned the values of hard work, respect for nature, the importance of local farms and caring for the environment.

I live and breathe Ward 20. It’s where I have lived all my adult life, where I have chosen to raise my children and the place I am proud to call home. Ward 20 has given me so much. It’s time to give back."

Daryl Christoff’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
Chu, Terri

Platform Headings:


- Infrastructure reliability.

- Energy efficiency.

- Small businesses.

- Transportation.

- Affordable housing.

- Arts & culture.

- Smarter city services.

- Local food.

For full platform, see website.

"Four years ago I founded “Why Should I Care?” because far too many of us found ourselves left out of the political process.  Decisions that were crucial to our future were being made without us.

So I decided to care.

“Why Should I Care?” began my journey of working tirelessly to inspire people to get involved, get informed, get engaged, and make a difference. 

The "Why Should I Care?" gatherings are non-partisan forums where critical issues are explained, considered, deliberated, and debated.  My goal was to help us all become more informed together with a deeper understanding of the issues and a stronger connection to political decision making.

I’m taking the next step – and together we can make a bigger difference.  I’m running to be your next progressive councillor in Ward 20.

I’m running to build transit, invest in infrastructure, install bike lanes, and break gridlock.  I’m running to create more livable and sustainable development in our city.  I’m running to fight for our values and create a city we’ll be proud of.

As our next progressive councillor I’m going to protect our green spaces, nurture our neighbourhoods, and make our community a place that people love to live, work, and play in.

And together we're going to make this happen."[1]

Terri Chu’s fully developed website is  Learn about her and her policy priorities there.
Cressy, Joe

Platform Headings:


- The environment. 
- Income fairness and food security. 
- Transit. 
- Building Social Infrastructure. 


For full platform, see website.

"You may remember Joe Cressy from the recent federal by-election in Trinity-Spadina, in which he ran for the NDP to replace Olivia Chow in parliament. If he canvassed at your door, then you already know a lot about him and his values. But if he didn’t, here are some things you should know.

Joe Cressy has been guided throughout his life by two main principles: to care deeply for those around him and to work ceaselessly for social justice.

He was born and raised in downtown Toronto. He grew up on Walmer Road, learned to swim at the University of Toronto pool, to ride a bike around Jean Sibelius Park, and to skate at the Harbourfront Centre and Varsity Arena. He was raised in a family in which community and public service are defining values, values that have driven him his whole life. His wife Nina, the manager of a women’s shelter in downtown Toronto, shares the same passion for public service. 

Joe Cressy is driven by a passionate commitment to causes he believes in

Joe Cressy’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
Fasasi, Akeem     We don’t have any contact info for this Akeem Fasasi. If anyone has details, pass them on.
Goldstein, Sam

Platform Headings:


- Unlock Gridlock

- Leadership on Development

- Services and Infrastructure

- Supporting our Local Businesses


For full platform, see website.

"Through his 15 years of practising law, Sam has worked with people from all walks of life in every corner of the GTA. He has excelled as a crown attorney and as a defence lawyer by listening to people’s needs and helping them solve their problems in a practical way.

Sam has further honed those skills through his work with community organizations such as Miles Nadal JCC, Rotary, University Settlement House, AMI Inc. a not-for-profit broadcaster for the visually impaired, and the Second Chance scholarship fund.

His life was shaped growing up in Ottawa around the statutes of our great Canadian leaders found around Parliament Hill. Sam’s mother, who raised him on her own, was a civil servant, as was his grandfather. In recognition of Sam’s grandfather’s service, the Government of Canada named a river after him in the High Arctic. Both Sam’s mother and his grandfather instilled in him the importance of community service.

When Sam moved to Toronto in 1998, he knew exactly where he wanted to live: Trinity Spadina. With it’s great bohemian spirit, Ward 20 boasted a burgeoning art scene and unique local businesses. Today, he lives in Seaton Village with his wife, Shelley, a fellow lawyer who worked as a consultant to the Cambodian government in its effort to build a thriving democracy.

Sam is a forward thinking person who combines community concerns with an entrepreneurial spirit to make real change in people’s lives.

Sam knows that under the right leadership Ward 20′s business people, artists and civic activists can achieve their biggest dreams to improve their lives and better our community. Sam will provide that leadership by working hand-in-hand with business, with community groups and with individuals to ensure that City Hall acts a sail rather than an anchor that only holds us in place."

Sam Goldstein’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
Hicks, Leanne    

We have not found Leanne Hicks’s website.  To contact them, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.[1]

Hollings, Graham Platform Headings:


- Smarter Growth

- Transit and Cycling

- No Jets

- Improved Parks and Green Spaces

- Diverse and Affordable Neighbourhoods

- Arts Funding


For full platform, see website.

"Graham Hollings first came to Trinity-Spadina to study at the University of Toronto in 1984, completing an MA in Philosophy. He has lived in Trinity-Spadina for over 20 years.

Graham is an adult educator and community activist. He has a strong record of leadership and advocacy on both neighbourhood and education issues – and he is committed to getting things done.

Graham believes in “smart growth”. He was one of the community leaders in Friends of Kensington Market’s successful campaign to stop a 90,000-square-foot Walmart from opening next to Kensington Market. The community worked together and forced a major developer to back off with their original big-box retail-only development proposal. The developer came back with a better proposal: a mixed-use building (offices and retail), with smaller-scale retail, wider sidewalks with trees, street-level bicycle parking and a better transition to neighbouring houses."

"He has been a member of the Toronto Western Hospital Community Advisory Committee since 2009. His past volunteer experience also includes: Toronto Training Board; Pleasuredome (Experimental Film & Video); and volunteer work at Queen West Community Health Centre, Shout Clinic, and Planned Parenthood of Toronto.

Graham is an avid cyclist, swimmer, runner, and novice sailor. His short films have screened internationally. He plays alto saxophone in the annual Kensington Lights Festival and was one of the original members of The Hidden Cameras (“gay, folk, church-music”). He lives with his partner Roel in Kensington Market. "

Graham Hollings's fully developed website is Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Kapoor, Anshul Platform Headings:


- Neighbourhoods, not just buildings

- NO Jets Save our Waterfront

- Residents are the leaders in the revitalization of Alexandra Park neighbourhood.

- Ward 20 is the heart of the creative economic engine of our city.

- I want to hear from you


For full platform, see website.

"Professionally, I am a digital marketer and communications expert with experience managing stakeholder relations for some of the top brands in Canada. My wife and I chose ward 20 to plant our roots and grow our family. The vibrancy excitement and opportunities of our ward, neighbourhoods and our city is what attracted us and keeps us here.

But great neighbourhoods don’t just happen. They need people who will stand up for them.  I founded and led the grassroots organization NoJetsTo because I believe a much bigger downtown airport is just the type of bad urban planning proposals that this city continuously faces. These bad planning proposals are a threat to the livability of our city and the sustainability of our neighbourhoods. This experience of fighting for our city taught me a lot and opened my eyes to what it takes to protect and build great neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods are the lifeblood of this ward and this city and we need to ensure that we put Neighbourhoods First! and we can only do this by having conversations at the community level."

Anshul Kapoor's fully developed website is Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Kargiannakis, Stella     We have not found Stella Kargiannakis’s website.  To contact them, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.[1]
Koehl, Albert

Platform Headings:


- Transport

- Neighbourhoods

- Social Justice


For full platform, see website.

"Albert works for a Canadian non-profit environmental law organization where he focusses on climate, energy,
and wildlife protection issues. In 2013, he represented a coalition of groups before the National Energy Board opposed to the Line 9 oil pipeline that runs through Toronto, calling instead for renewable energy, mass transit, and conservation projects.

Albert was the lead prosecutor in two precedent-setting private prosecutions against major real estate companies for migratory bird deaths from window collisions. The court ruling established the liability of building owners for killing birds, including threatened species like the Canada Warbler, under the Environmental Protection Act and
Species at Risk Act.

Previously he worked as a prosecutor for the Ontario Ministry of Environment. In 1997-98 he served on a United Nations commission that investigated atrocities perpetrated against indigenous peoples in Guatemala.

Albert is an adjunct professor of natural resources law at Osgoode Hall Law School."[1]

Albert Koehl's fully developed website is Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Louie, Tonny     We have not found Tonny Louie's website.  To contact him, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.[1]
MacDonald, Charles     We don’t have any contact info for Charles MacDonald. If anyone has details, pass them on.
Monaghan, Michael    

We have not found Michael Monaghan's website.  To contact him, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.[1]

Morrison, Philip "Keeping taxes low

Fight to reverse land transfer tax and freeze property taxesEliminate mandatory BIA fees resulting in tax savings for property owners

Clean & Safe City

Stiffer penalties for vandalism & graffiti (I have experienced the negative effects myself first hand and know what it is to be a victim of vandals)

New Business Opportunities

Create business opportunities in ward 20Reduce the "red tape" at city hall that impedes business owners from getting permits, zonings, etcLow cost, low interest entrepreneurial loans for new businesses

Create an Accessible Mentorship Program

Designed to help youth and under privileged individualsImplement skilled trade programs in schools to ease backlog on city repairs while reducing costs of those repairs"[1]

"I have been opening businesses and creating jobs for over 20 years. My first real business was the bohemian cafe in ward 20 in 1994. It employed 25 people on a part time basis and operated for 10 years.

I opened Jimmy’s Coffee in 2009 in the king w area, and a second location in kensington mkt in 2013, both in ward 20, with a combined 18 full and part time employees. A third location will be opened in 2014, employing 9 more people. Jimmys coffee has been a business ive fallen in love with. Besides having the opportunity to work with amazing young and talented people of Toronto, it has also become an opportunity to become entrenched in our community in a meaningful way.

The other business I operate, buys and develops rental real estate in the downtown core. I have developed many properties in ward 20. I love this business as well. It has allowed me the opportunity to employ many trades and professions. Real estate also entrenches me into our community.

My businesses have always been profitable and rewarding. I plan to bring these qualities to city hall.

If I was to describe myself, I would use words like common sense and no nonsense. This city has been great to me and i love it. It would be the honor of my life to serve this city, as my ancestors served this country. My lineage goes all the way back to vimy ridge where our freedom was fought for by my grandfather. I plan to continue that fight at the municipal level."[1]

Philip Morrison's fully developed website is Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Novak, Sam Platform Headings:


- Dedicated Relief Line

- Pedestrian-Only Days

- Smart Parking Lots

- Time-Based Transfers

- Responsible Development

- Supporting Start-Ups

- Automated TTC Payment

- Safer Bicylce Grid

- Fixing Commercial Property Tax


For full platform, see website.

"Sam has strong roots in Ward 20. He operates a family business in the Annex that has helped countless residents obtain gainful employment. He believes this gives him a unique perspective on how people want to live and work in Ward 20 and Toronto.

Sam holds a degree in Economics and Political Studies from Queen's University and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in information system design at the University of Toronto. He also contributes his technical expertise to a local healthcare technology startup.

Fortunately, Sam is not a member of any political party. He believes party politics don't belong in City Hall. Sam is committed to working with residents, businesses, and colleagues to create long-term solutions for Toronto's future."

Sam Novak's fully developed website is Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Shermack, Kat

"This probably isn’t like any other campaign you’ve seen before."[1]

Video on website provides details.

"Kat Shermack is a recent grad of Humber College’s post-grad journalism program. She also has a political science degree from the University of Ottawa, and… is anyone buying this third person thing?

I’m originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario. I moved to Ottawa in 2009 to study political science, but after I graduated, I realized the life of a bureaucrat on Parliament Hill wasn’t really for me.

I moved to Toronto in 2012 to study journalism at Humber College, and I fell in love with this city. I was living in an overpriced basement apartment in Kensington Market, with no fire escape and a window the size of a postage stamp, but I still felt at home in a way I never did anywhere else.

Now that I’m done with journalism school, I am currently freelancing and working at Starbucks to pay the bills. I’ve also upgraded to a main floor apartment in the Annex with much bigger windows.

As a journalism student, I learned how to tell other peoples’ stories. That’s what I want to do as a city councillor. I don’t want to tell you what this city needs. I want you to tell me. Tweet me, Facebook me, email me, or text me – let’s start a conversation."[1]

Kat Shermack's website is  Learn about her and her policy priorities there.

Thomson, Sarah

Platform Headings:


- Congestion Charge

- Transit

- Free Internet

- Open Government

- Environment

- Arts

- Accessibility


For full platform, see website.

"Sarah Thomson is a successful entrepreneur and strong civic leader.

Sarah Thomson has real ideas and real solutions to the challenges facing Toronto. Her goals are focused on underground transit expansion, bringing effective process to municipal government to create efficiency, and creating economic growth through a strong environmental lens.

Sarah has spent years advocating for the Yonge Street Subway Relief line as a priority.  She played a key role in getting the subway line into the next phase of development for both the TTC and Metrolinx.

Sarah is a community organizer. She co-hosted the Toronto Region Vision 2014 event and has donated her time as Chair of the Toronto Transit Alliance.  Sarah was also Chair of Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy because of her strong belief in protecting the natural habitats in Southern Ontario, and Sarah sat as a director on the Board of Thinking Forward, a charity working in high-priority neighbourhoods and focused on building character."

Sarah Thomson’s fully developed website is  Learn about her and her policy priorities there.
Tsai, Susan    

We have not found Susan Tsai's website.  To contact her, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.[1]

Wright, Nick "East Gardiner Expressway

Proposed Airport Expansion


Transit Accessibility

Central Tech. Field

Arts Funding

Personal Vehicle Tax


Bike Lanes"

"Nick Wright is a community campaigner and lawyer residing in downtown Toronto’s Ward 20. He is a strong believer in the importance of vibrant and sustainable communities, advocating for better cycling infrastructure, improved transit services and increased waste diversion, among other issues.

Nick was born and raised in downtown Toronto. While attending University in Halifax, Nova Scotia he became actively involved in social justice issues, campaigning on behalf of animals and against Canada’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan."

Nick Wright's fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.

Yen, Mike Transit and Traffic

Responsible Growth


Our Neighbourhoods

"Mike Yen is a life-long GTA resident who is passionate about Toronto and the people who make our city great. Diversity has always been close to home for Mike, who grew up in a multicultural family in Scarborough's Malvern community. From his great-grandfather who had emigrated from China to Toronto in the early 1900s, Mike learned first-hand the richness that diverse cultures offer our city. Mike's thirst for knowledge about his heritage and our history translated into a Bachelor of Arts from York University where he majored in History and Economics."

Mike Yen's fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.


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1)      Candidate Websites, as listed in Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2)      Every Candidate: Ward 20:

3)      Position Primer: Ward 20:

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