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Welcome to our candidate review page.  We have tried to put together some info on each candidate, mostly from candidate webpages.


Information on some candidates may be missing, and we encourage you continue researching candidates using the following tools:

1) The ChoiceStorm Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2) If candidate contact info is missing from our pages, you can also check EveryCandidate.  Link in the references below.

3) The Toronto Position Primer, which provides "a side-by-side comparison of council candidates’ views on the issues that matter."  Link in the references below.


 Candidate  Platform  Experience  Campaign

My goal is to lobby governing bodies to provide financial assistance and fund matching for neighbourhood beautification and much needed area development programs"[1]


My  plan is to attract well established organizations to join and invest in our community and become

significant contributors to our development and local talent pool"[1]


My mission is to make the right investment at the right time, the right place and for the right reasons. 

York South-Weston community deserves more!"[1]

 "He is highly experienced and educated with a degree in business administration and a specialization in financial management and marketing.

Dory is a multi-lingual accomplished entrepreneur who has been in a consulting capacity for both the private and the public sectors.  He has been a successful banker with many years of experience in a financial consultancy role for a federal crown corporation, advising on operational management.  He has incubated and managed a multitude of organizations and developed hundreds of millions of dollars in value to companies across Canada.  As a financial analyst for a provincial regulatory body, he helped implement policy and managed the standards for Ontario’s residential development industry."[1]

Dory Chalhoub’s fully developed website is  Learn about him and his policy priorities there.
Garcia, Jose     We have not found this Jose Garcia's website.  To contact him, see the ChoiceStorm contact info list.
Nunziata, Frances   "Frances Nunziata has been a resident of the former City of York since 1963. Her political career began in 1985 when she was elected as school board trustee for the City of York School Board. In 1988, she successfully ran for a seat on the former City of York's Council, where she uncovered a scandal which would see the City selling part of Fairbank Park to a developer to build condominiums. Frances took material showing the questionable process at which the deal was made to the public, leading to a police investigation of several local politicians and the imprisonment of two York City Councillors, one Metro Toronto Councillor, and the developer.

Frances ran for a second term of Council in 1991, and then in 1994, ran for Mayor of the former City of York and despite being seen as the "underdog", won. She went on to serve as Mayor of York until amalgamation. With the creation of the amalgamated City of Toronto in 1997, Frances succesfully ran for a seat on Toronto City Council; Frances continues to serve as City Councillor for Ward 11 York South-Weston.

Throughout her years in politics, Frances has proven herself to be a strong advocate for the best interests of Ward 11, frequently bringing the issues of the community to the floor of City Council. She is also a firm believer in listening to those she serves, and holds many community consultation meetings on development applications, liquor licence applications, and park improvements, to name a few. While her office is at City Hall, Frances is never too busy to visit constituents at their houses or meet with them at a local coffee shop. She loves the community she serves and it shows through her dedication to the people of York South-Weston."[1]

Frances Nunziata's fully developed website is  Learn about her and her policy priorities there.


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1)      Candidate Websites, as listed in Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List

2)      Every Candidate Ward 11:

3)      Position Primer Ward 11:

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