Are Property Tax Rates too High in Toronto?

Toronto Municipal Election 2014

This article will discuss what appropriate rates of taxation are for a city the size of Toronto, given the services that are required by citizens.  Embedded in this question are secondary questions about whether services are required, whether services are being provided in an inefficient manner, and whether funding for the budget should be attained via other avenues.


Toronto Taxation


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Tax Rates are Too High

Tax Rates are OK

Services Provided

The City does not spend its money wisely and on important services.  Taxes should be lowered and services should be provided more efficiently and selectively.

Services Provided

High tax rates are a reality of big cities where it is more important to work together as a community and using community resources.  Taxes cannot be cut without hurting services, and providing good service should be the city's priority.

City Comparisons

Toronto has a much higher tax rate than many other Canadian cities.  Larger cities like Toronto may have some challenges that the smaller cities do not, but they should also be able to utilize some efficiencies of scale to provide services at a lower per-user cost in some cases.

City Comparisons

City comparisons are not the best way to review tax rates.  Toronto citizens may, for instance, pay similar tax rates but still spend more due to higher property values.  Also, larger cities cannot be compared with smaller ones because some of the challenges with providing services are very different.



Other Factors for Discussion

Municipal, Provincial, and Federal taxes are in many ways separate, but do have some overlap, and perhaps the amount of funding coming from the other levels of government should be adjusted.  


Toronto Tax Rates

Are Property Tax Rates in Toronto too high?

Property tax rates in Toronto are OK
Property tax rates in Toronto are too high.
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