Toronto Municipal Election 2014

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Election General Information 


The Toronto election will be held on Monday, October 27st, 2014.


Who do we elect?

45 members of the Toronto Council, including:

1 mayor

44 Councillors, 1 for each of the 44 wards.

22 School Board Trustees

Who can vote?

18 year old Canadians who reside in or own property in Toronto.


Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Survey


New questions will continue to be added to the election survey between now and the Election.  Any ChoiceStorm user can create a question, and the best questions will be integrated into the Survey.


Election Issue Questions:


How do you feel about Greater Toronto Area Transportation Options?

Should Scarborough Transit be expanded by Subway or by LRT?

Are you concerned about the Toronto housing and rental market?

Is Toronto a Safe Place To Live?

Are you happy with the Services Provided by the City of Toronto?

Is Toronto Taxation too high?

Should the City of Toronto do more to prepare for emergencies?

Should Toronto stop using first-past-the-post elections?

Should the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Expansion Proceed?

Is TTC Privatization a good idea?


Other Election Related Questions:


Should Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have Resigned?

Was City Council right to have Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Stripped of Powers?

Should Rob Ford have called a state of emergency during the Toronto Ice Storm?


Council Candidate Information


Toronto Municipal Election 2014 Candidate List


Toronto Mayoral Candidate Review Elected: Tory, John


Toronto Ward 1 Candidate Review Elected: Crisanti, Vincent (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 2 Candidate Review Elected: Ford, Rob

Toronto Ward 3 Candidate Review Elected: Holyday, Stephen

Toronto Ward 4 Candidate Review Elected: Campbell, John

Toronto Ward 5 Candidate Review Elected: Di Ciano, Justin 

Toronto Ward 6 Candidate Review Elected: Grimes, Mark (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 7 Candidate Review Elected: Mammoliti, Giorgio (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 8 Candidate Review Elected: Perruzza, Anthony (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 9 Candidate Review Elected: Augimeri, Maria (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 10 Candidate Review Elected: Pasternak, James (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 11 Candidate Review Elected: Nunziata, Frances (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 12 Candidate Review Elected: Di Giorgio, Frank (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 13 Candidate Review Elected: Douchette, Sarah (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 14 Candidate Review Elected: Perks, Gord (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 15 Candidate Review Elected: Colle, Josh (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 16 Candidate Review Elected: Carmichael Greb, Christin

Toronto Ward 17 Candidate Review Elected: Palacio, Cesar (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 18 Candidate Review Elected: Bailão, Ana (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 19 Candidate Review Elected: Layton, Mike (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 20 Candidate Review Elected: Cressy, Joe

Toronto Ward 21 Candidate Review Elected: Mihevc, Joe (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 22 Candidate Review Elected: Matlow, Josh (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 23 Candidate Review Elected: Filion, John (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 24 Candidate Review Elected: Shiner, David (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 25 Candidate Review Elected: Robinson, Jaye (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 26 Candidate Review Elected: Burnside, Jon

Toronto Ward 27 Candidate Review Elected: Wong-Tam, Kristyn (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 28 Candidate Review Elected: McConnell, Pam (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 29 Candidate Review Elected: Fragedakis, Mary (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 30 Candidate Review Elected: Fletcher, Paula (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 31 Candidate Review Elected: Davis, Janet (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 32 Candidate Review Elected: McMahon, Mary-Margaret (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 33 Candidate Review Elected: Caroll, Shelley (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 34 Candidate Review Elected: Minnan-Wong, Denzil (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 35 Candidate Review Elected: Berardinetti, Michelle (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 36 Candidate Review Elected: Crawford, Gary (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 37 Candidate Review Elected: Thompson, Michael (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 38 Candidate Review Elected: De Baeremaeker, Glenn (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 39 Candidate Review Elected: Karygiannis, Jim

Toronto Ward 40 Candidate Review Elected: Kelly, Norm (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 41 Candidate Review Elected: Lee, Chin (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 42 Candidate Review Elected: Cho, Raymond (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 43 Candidate Review Elected: Ainslie, Paul (incumbent)

Toronto Ward 44 Candidate Review Elected: Moeser, Ron (incumbent)


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