Did Toronto city council do the right thing stripping Rob Ford of power?

Toronto Municipal Election 2014

The Toronto city council voted to strip Mayor Rob Ford of several powers on the 18th of November, 2013.  Was this action appropriate or was it contrary to the democratic process?


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City Council should not be acting out against the mayor.

Rob Ford should be stripped of any power possible

Democratic Process

Rob Ford is the rightfully elected mayor.  The people chose him to be their representative and that choice came with certain expectations that he would be given the tools to fulfil the expectations of the voters.  Stripping the mayor of his powers is akin to overruling the democratic process.

Democratic Process

Rob Ford is still the Mayor.  Only he can chose to step down.  However, the distribution of power across council has always been the choice of council.  It is a difficult balance during the best of times and during unexpected situations it is the right of council to redistribute power as is appropriate.

Upcoming Election

The upcoming election will show whether or not the people still believe in Rob Ford, and it is the correct time to review whether the mayor should keep all of his powers. Voters in Toronto will recognize that the action taken by councillors was anti-democratic and they will have to pay the price for their actions.  

Upcoming Election

Democracy works not only by respecting the wishes of voters during the previous election, but also by anticipating the wishes of voters in the upcoming election.  Councillors have listened to voters and believe that the majority of their constituents agree with the transfer of mayoral powers and will show support for that decision in the upcoming election.



Rob Ford and Mayoral Power

Did Toronto city council do the right thing stripping Rob Ford of power?

No, City Council did the wrong thing. They should have waited for the democratic process to intervene.
Yes, City Council did the right thing. Rob Ford's behavior needed to be addressed.
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1. National Post: Rob Ford promises 'outright war' against city council as they remove mayoral powers: 'You've just attacked Kuwait!'


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