Should the mayor of Toronto Rob Ford have resigned from office?

 Toronto Municipal Election 2014

After a public confession that he smoked crack while in office, Toronto mayor Rob Ford ignored public calls for his resignation, instead staying in office until the people of Toronto can officially provide feedback on his performance via the municipal election in October 2014.


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Rob Ford should have resigned

It was appropriate for Rob Ford to stay in power until the next election


Rob Ford acted disgracefully and his drunken behavior has on a number of occasions been an embarrassment to the city of Toronto. Smoking crack-cocaine and then lying about it to the media constitute a violation of the ethical standards that politicians are held to.


What a politician does on their own time shouldn't affect how we judge their performance in their job.  Rob Ford has not faced criminal charges and 


Democratic Process

Any leader who cared about democracy would listen to the voice of the people and resign after the public outcry that occurred after his behavior.

Democratic Process

He was democratically elected.  No one else is able to be an elected delegate and fill the mayoral seat until the next election, therefore he must remain in office or democracy has been subverted.

Job Performance

A large part of the job of the Mayor is to represent the city.  Rob Ford does not represent the values and behavior that Toronto would like to display.

Drug and alcohol use are not simply personal time issues, but affect performance in the workplace.

Rob Ford has lied about his performance in order to make it sound like he has done a better job than he really did.  His attendance record, for instance, is not as good as he claims1 and may have been negatively affected by his extracurricular activities.

Job Performance

Rob Ford has been an excellent Mayor and has represented the needs of the people.  

Rob Ford has done what he said he would do during his previous election campaign.

He is financially responsible and looks out for the people of Toronto. Toronto has saved a billion dollars under Rob Fords watch and has given Toronto an excellent financial record2.  These items are more important than out-of-office behavior.

Role Model

Rob Ford, because he is in public office and in the public eye, is a role model.  Role models have a moral responsibility to consider the message that their actions have on others.

Rob Ford may have the strength of character to never again use illegal drugs, but this does not send a good message to others who may be struggling with drug addition.  They will use Rob Ford as a role model and believe that the right thing to do is to continue in their jobs and fight their problems with strength of will alone, rather than seeking help.

Role Model

Rob Ford is a role model, showing how strength of character and personal conviction can lead to success in spite of hardship and public opinion.


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