Are you concerned about the Toronto housing and rental market?

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Affordability is important for a city, and the housing and rental market plays a large role in affordability.  Inflation can prevent people from moving to the city, and it can create a bubble which can negatively impact property owners.


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The Housing and Rental Market is OK

The Housing and Rental Market is too Expensive


Toronto is an expensive place to live, but that is to be expected with a large city experiencing growth.


Toronto is too expensive.  We are not bringing talent to the city and people who live here put themselves into financial jeopardy in order to survive.

Market Collapse

The city is continuing to grow and as more people compete over accommodation, prices will continue to grow.  There shouldn't be a collapse of the market.

Market Collapse

Prices are simply too high, and have been inflated artificially.  Eventually the prices have to come down, and a collapse is the most likely way.




Toronto Housing and Rental Market

Are you concerned about the Toronto housing and rental market?



Yes, the City should do more to make housing affordable


Yes, but that is how free market works and I don't think the City should get involved.




No, the availability and cost of housing is OK.
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  • Guest (daniel trayes(candidate for city councillor,ward30))

    Over the yrs,there have been many underlying issues that have been swept under the rug,and theyre catching up to us as a city.
    We have a waiting list closing in on 100,000 people. we have a state of disrepair that is a billion or 2billion(depending on who you talk to)
    Bottom line is I think we need a total overhaul. We need to allocate the proper funds & programs to the proper areas.
    All people want is honesty. If we can fund billions for the pan am games,and billions for a G20 summit that only caused chaos and confusion, then we should be able to facilitate the needs of our most vulnerable.
    People know that we wont be able to fix everything right away. But with a little hard work and transparency I think we can finally achieve taking a step forward rather than 2 steps back! :)

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