Should the City of Calgary employ the Pembina Institute?

Calgary Municipal Election

The Pembina Institute is a Canadian non-profit think tank focused on developing innovative sustainable energy solutions.  The City of Calgary employed them to make recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the city.


The City of Calgary Should Employ the Pembina Institute

The City of Calgary Should Not Employ the Pembina Institute

Pembina Institute

The Pembina Institute is an organization capable of doing unbias scientific research that is valuable to the City.  The research branch is separate from its lobbying branch, and there is no conflict of interest.

Pembina Institute

The Pembina Institute is a bias left-wing organization that is more concerned with forwarding its own agenda than doing any science.

Report Value

The report that the Pembina Institute was hired to produce will have value.

Report Value

There report produced by the institute has no value.

Mayoral Involvement

The City’s arrangement with the Pembina Institute was setup before the Nenshi was elected.  Their selection and most of their work had nothing to do with Nenshi.

Nenshi spoke to Pembina employees at social functions, but has never met with them in an official capacity.  Nenshi is approached by various individuals of various opinions at various events, and cannot report on all of them.

Mayoral Involvement

Nenshi should have stopped the employment of the Pembina institute when he took office.

Nenshi has been approached by the institute on various occasions without reporting on their lobbying behavior.  This lack of transparency is indicative of the immoral relationship that he has with the institute.


 Arguments for middle-ground or additional solutions.

City of Calgary employing the Pembina Institute

Should the City of Calgary employ the Pembina Institute to do an environmental study?



I don't know.


Yes, the Pembina Institute is a scientific consulting organization that is capable of contributing to making Calgary a more environmentally friendly city.


No, the Pembina Institute is a bias anti-oil advocacy organization and shouldn't be supported by the city.
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