Should the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Expansion Proceed?

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The Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, also called the Toronto Island Airport, is seeking permission to expand their runway by 200 meters on either end so that Bombardier's CS100 jets can take off and land in the runway.


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The Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Expansion will benefit Toronto

The Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Expansion will not benefit Toronto and should not proceed

Benefits of Expansion

Better access to Toronto through the new travel options will bring in additional business, tourism, and other benefits.

Benefits of Expansion

If additional access to Toronto is required, it should come from expansion of the primary airport.

Toronto's Waterfront

The expansion will be constructed to minimize damage to the waterfront.

Toronto's Waterfront

The expansion will take up valuable space, and the increased traffic from passengers entering Toronto from the island airport will increase congestion, pollution, and have other unforeseen consequences.

Expansion Costs

The cost of the project is less than the long term benefits.  The expansion is an investment in Toronto.

Expansion Costs

The expansion will require infrastructure improvements in the area that taxpayers will need to pay for.


Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Expansion

Should the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (Toronto Island Airport) Expansion Proceed?



No, the costs and consequences of expansion are too high


Yes, the expansion will be a net benefit to Toronto


Expansion may be beneficial, but additional research should be completed before a decision is made


No Costs are too high


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  • Guest (Ron Jenkins)

    The proposal under consideration is actually a 200 metre expansion at each end, not the 168 metre expansion the preamble to this survey states.
    (In fact, the reality is that the 200+200 metre expansion is only the landmass involved: the expansion would entail increases to the marine exclusion zones at the ends of the runways, and expanded airspace requirements as well.)

  • Thanks for the update Ron. I did some research and found that the proposed expansion was 168 at each end, and then the requested length was increased in September to 200.
    Note that anyone is welcome to create an account and update articles, so long as they follow our code of conduct and try to reference their facts to source material.

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