Should everyone vote in the Calgary Municipal Election?

Calgary Municipal Election

Voter Turnout was at an all-time height during the 2010 Calgary municipal election, but there is great concern that many Calgarians will not vote during this election.

This article will discuss reasons why people vote or don't vote, and whether they are valid.


No, there are good reasons not to vote

Yes, everyone should vote

Mayoral "Landslide"

Nenshi is expected to win in a landslide.  Why bother voting for or against him if it doesn't matter?

Mayoral "Landslide"

Voting is a way that you can send a message to Nenshi about whether or not he does a good job.

The Mayor only has one of 15 votes in council.  He is in a position to influence, but councillors also play a significant role.  It is very important that you have a city councillor who is willing to represent your interests.


Informed Voting

I haven’t researched the issues or the candidates, and I don’t have time to do so.  I should leave the voting to people who know who to vote for.

Informed Voting

Taking time to do the research is important, but so is being heard. At very least, voters can pick one issue which is important to them and vote for a candidate who has the same stance on that issue.

Vote Pledge

Nenshi’s vote pledge may not specify who I should vote for, but because of how it is set up it feels like I would be supporting him by participating.

Vote Pledge

Nenshi is only trying to increase voter turnout and participation.  Participants of the vote pledge are encouraged to vote however they would like.


Should Everyone Vote?

Will you vote in the upcoming Calgary Municipal Election?



Yes, I will vote and I think that everyone should.


Yes, I will vote but I wouldn't encourage everyone to vote.


No, although I know I should vote I am not going to.


No, I am not going to vote and I don't think I should.


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