Are you happy with the services provided by the City of Toronto?

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The City of Toronto provides a wide range of services, from police, ambulances and emergency services, infrastructure maintenance, water, to transit and transportation.  One of the biggest challenges that any city faces is the balance between services and cost to maximize benefit to citizens.  This question is about how well the City of Toronto is balancing those factors.


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The City Provides Valuable Services at a Good Cost

The City Should Spends Too Much and Should Cut Services 


The City provides a wide range of services for people who live here.  These services are valuable and benefit all of us.  Working together through the municipality, we leverage the value of our dollars and ensure that we create a Toronto that can be a place of security and growth for everyone.


Some of the City services do not benefit everyone, only those who receive them, and not enough to make it worthwhile for the whole population to pay for them.


The City budget is not unreasonable, and is actually lower than other budgets in the region.2 The City provides good service on the dollar, and we all benefit sufficiently from the collective taxes that are paid.


The City should always be reviewing the costs of individual services and choosing how to defend the taxpayer.  Taxpayers should not simply trust that their money is well spent, and it is the responsibility of politicians in council to look after money by trimming unnecessary extra costs that don't provide the required value.  In an operating budget of 9.6 billion dollars, there has to be some services that can be trimmed.


The services provided by the city are for the benefit of all citizens.  By privatizing services, we would risk forcing the economic burden onto a small population who cannot afford the service.  Then, we all suffer because those people who cannot afford those services cannot benefit society.


Some services could be privatized in order to ensure that they are operated in the best way for the economy.  Examples could include libraries and some TTC routes.  It is not necessary for taxpayers to produce these services, and entrepreneurs may be able to run them in a more cost-effective and value-added way than the city.


Toronto City Services

Overall, are you happy with the services provided by the City of Toronto?



Yes, the services provided by the City are good.


No, there are services that the City should provide that I would like to see added.


No, the City provides too many services and some should be eliminated.


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