How should the City of Toronto expand transit options in the Scarborough district?

Toronto Municipal Election 2014

In Toronto's Scarborough district a plan is underway for the construction of a 3 stop subway system.  The cheaper alternative of a seven stop LRT system had been proposed, and is now once again gaining momentum as a viable alternative.


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3 Stop Subway Extension

7 Stop LRT Line

Transit Service

The subway extension would more directly connect citizens of Scarborough with their destinations.

Transit Service

The additional stops on the LRT line will make it easier to access the new transit option.  There are other options for extending the LRT that are cheaper and will allow for a more versatile system.


The subway is worth the cost of $1.2 billion.  It will revitalize the area and add value beyond the transportation benefits.

The funding will partially come from the Federal government and therefore Toronto tax payers won't be as heavily impacted4.


The LRT is a much cheaper option and will not result in the large property tax increase that is expected due to the subway extension2.  If the same amount ($1.2B) was spent on LRT, it would be a much larger system.

Although partial funding is coming from the Federal government, there is still a portion of the cost that has to be paid by the City of Toronto.

Public Opinion

The quoted survey from Newswire1 only has 523 participants which is not enough to show public opinion.

Public opinion was taken into account when the decision to extend the subway was first made.  Council has already reviewed options and come to a decision, and additional discussion is not beneficial.

Public Opinion

Newswire reports that an independent study shows that citizens of Toronto and Scarborough would prefer the LRT1.

Council may have already made a decision, but it was the wrong decision and should be reviewed.


Other Factors for Discussion

After the completion of transit construction in Scarborough, it will be necessary to address transit upgrades in the Sheppard East LRT.  What type of transit upgrade happens in Scarborough will influence choices in Sheppard East.


Scarborough Transit

How should the City of Toronto expand transit options in the Scarborough district?



Seven Stop LRT Line


Three Stop Subway Extension


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4.     National Post: Stephen Harper promises funding to extend Toronto's subway line in Scarborough.

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