Should the Senate Scandal Affect Stephen Harper?

Many questions have come up concerning Mike Duffy's $90,000 repayment and Harper's involvement..


Harper Needs to Take Responsibility for Any Part he Played in the $90,000 Cover-up

Harper Has Responded to Allogetions Sufficiently and Was Not Involved.


Harper's comments concerning the $90,000 provided to Duffy have had contradictions and he has failed to respond to some allegations satisfactorily. 


Stephen Harper was not involved with the Wright giving Duffy the $90,000 and any claims otherwise are merely attempts to harm his reputation by his political opponents.

Knowledge of Wright's Actions

Harper had initially said that Wright had acted alone in providing Duffy the $90,000 for the repayment of expenses, without the knowledge of anyone in his department.  He has now stated that as many as 13 others knew about the deal.  Harper needs to be clear about who knew and what their involvement was.

Knowledge of Wright's Actions

Harper has been very clear that he himself did not know about the donation from Wright to Duffy.  There is no way that he could have known who else knew.

Wright's Dismissal/Resignation

Harper had initially said that Wright had resigned after revelations of his involvement in offering Duffy $90,000 to pay back is expenses.  Later, he said that Wright was dismissed.  Harper needs to be clear concerning what happened.

Wright's Dismissal/Resignation
Harper simply mis-spoke.  He is a human being subject to human error.  There is nothing sinister about this.

Payment of Duffy's Legal Fees

The Conservative Party provided a check for $13,560 for the payment of Duffy's legal fees.  This payment of legal fees contradicts the PMs stance that Duffy should be held accountable.  The PM has said that it is usual to provide legal fees to conservative party  members, but neither Wallin nor Brazeau received payment for their legal fees.  The Conservative party needs to outline their decision making process for when they assist with paying legal fees.

Payment of Duffy's Legal Fees

All parties routinely provide for legal fees of their party members.

One example includes Thomas Mulcair (Leader of the NDP opposition) who had legal fees and damages paid for when he was charged with defamation in 2002.

Prime Minister Responsibilities

Regardless of whether Stephen Harper knew anything the Duffy/Wright scandal, he is the leader of the Conservative party and ultimately responsible for the professionalism of his party members.  He has failed to publicly take responsibility.

Prime Minister Responsibilities

Harper does take responsibility for the actions of the members in his party.  Where possible, disciplinary actions have been implemented as required.  Harper is also a strong supporter of suspending the Senators in question to ensure that the correct message is sent concerning how inappropriate use of taxpayer funds will be dealt with.



Harper may have sufficiently responded to some of the questions/accusations but not others.



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2.     CBC News: Harper points to Mulcair's legal fees paid by party

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