Should More Be Done To Improve Transportation Options in the Greater Toronto Area?

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There are multiple methods for transportation around a large urban area, including driving, public transit, cycling, and walking.  The city is responsible for maintaining infrastructure and ensuring options are optimized.


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Transportation System Improvements are Required

Toronto has an Effective, Well Balanced Transportation System

Road Infrastructure

According to the Tom Tom Traffic Index report, Toronto is the 9th most congested city in North America and the 2nd most congested city in Canada1.  It reports that drivers with a 30 minute commute can expect 89 hours of lost time over the course of the year.  Over the population of Toronto, there is a significant loss of productivity that could be regained by improved traffic.

Road Infrastructure

The cost of improvements may be prohibitive.  Only cost effective solutions should be implemented, and in other cases infrastructure should remain as is.

Public Transit

Toronto has a transit crisis due to delays, crowding, and fare hikes2.  Riders are not getting the service they need in order to be able to commute effectively.

Public Transit

WalkScore has rated Toronto's public transit system the best in Canada, with a transit score of 783.

Bike Paths/Routes

Improvements to the biking system in Toronto are required to better connect the city for bikers.

Bike Paths/Routes

Some areas have been designed for biking and work well.  Adjustments to the areas not designed for biking are difficult and not cost effective.

Pedestrian Access

Additional improvements to pedestrian access would be useful.

Pedestrian Access

Toronto has excellent pedestrian access.  Toronto was ranked as having the second best pedestrian access of all Canadian cities by WalkScore4.



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We need to see improvement in public transportation.


We need to see better bike paths/routes.


We need better road infrastructure to reduce congestion.




We need to improve pedestrian access.


Toronto has an effective, well balanced system.
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