Should the process of "Vouching" have been eliminated?

Fair Elections Act Survey

"Vouching" is a process whereby a registered resident of a district can take an oath for another member of the community who has no ID.  The Fair Elections Act eliminated this process from Canadian Elections.

This change was implemented based on the following passage from the Neufeld Report1:

“Identity vouching procedures are unquestionably the most complex ‘exception’ process administered at polling stations. The level of irregularities for vouching averaged 25 percent. During two of these elections, quality assurance programs involving Onsite Conformity Advisors (OCAs) were applied. However, vouching irregularities still averaged 21 percent during the OCA monitored elections. This indicates that overly complex procedures cannot be remedied simply by improved quality assurance.” 

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"Vouching" should have been eliminated

"Vouching" should not have been eliminated

Fraud in Elections

Vouching can lead to fraud in an election and the elimination of the practice prevents that fraud.  25% irregularity by voters using vouches is hundreds of voters in every riding. Every fraudulent vote effectively eliminates one honest vote for every other party.

Fraud In Elections

There is no real evidence that there is fraud in elections due to vouching.  That the Neufeld report found 25% "irregularities" during vouching does not mean that there was 25% fraud.  The Neufeld report only recommended better training for volunteers who are overseeing vouches.  This change attempted to stop an imaginary problem.

Vote Distortion

Fraudulent votes distort the overall results of the election and need to be eliminated.

Many low income individuals vote Conservative for various reasons, and there is no good evidence to suggest that mandating voters to have ID will be to the benefit of the Conservatives.  Rather, it will ensure that everyone who does vote does so in a fair manner.

Vote Distortion

Preventing people without ID from voting will distort the overall results of the election and therefore vouching is necessary to properly allow Canadians to vote.

The Conservatives pushed this change forward in an act of voter suppression.  They know that this regulation will prevent the low income individuals, students, and many aboriginals from voting2.  These groups are less likely to vote for Conservatives, so suppressing their votes is in the Conservative interest.


The elimination of vouching is not unconstitutional, anyone may vote if they have ID.  Several ID options have been allowed, and these options were designed to ensure that everyone would have access to some type of ID.


The elimination of vouching may be unconstitutional, since every Canadian has a constitutional right to vote.  We cannot therefore according to the constitution deny someone that right due to the lack of proper identification when other methods are available and have been historically utilized.

Voter Turnout

People who want to vote should not find it that difficult to obtain ID with which to do so.

Voter Turnout

The elimination of vouching is only one of a couple of changes that will have a negative impact on voter turnout.  Increasing voter turnout should be one of the highest priorities for Canadians, and not allowing people to vote is therefore harmful for democracy.


Vouching At Elections

Should the practice of "Vouching", whereby a registered resident of a district can take an oath for another member of the community who has no ID, be eliminated?



Vouching must be kept because it allows those who cannot get ID to participate in the electoral process which is their right.


Vouching should be eliminated as the practice can lead to voter fraud and change election results.


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