Was the motion to limit debate on the Fair Elections Act reasonable?

Fair Elections Act Survey

The Conservative Government has passed a motion to limit debate on the Fair Elections Act to no more than three sittings days as of the 6th of February, 20141.  Time Allocation2 is a frequently used tool to limit debate on Bills.


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Debate Should Be Limited

Debate Should Not Be Limited

Time Requirements

The required time to review the bill is available.  The next step for the bill is that it goes to a committee for a second reading and additional debates will occur1.  There is enough time before this bill becomes law to resolve issues as required.

Time Requirements

There has not been enough time for debate on this 242 page document.  Careful time must be taken given the importance of the bill.  The timeline for this bill must be long so that we can be sure that proper review is completed, including public consultation and input from secondary sources such as Elections Canada.

The Value of Debate

Limiting debate still leaves plenty of time for the review of the Bill.  Additional time would not change the outcome of the vote; it would only be a distraction from other priorities.

The Value of Debate

We have a system which includes an opposition for the purpose of debate.  Debate makes Canada strong by ensuring that before new laws are passed, there is time for scrutiny and evaluation.  The longer the debate lasts on this bill, the better the law will be when it is passed.

The Importance of the Bill

The Fair Elections Act is an important bill, which is why careful consideration was put into its writing.

The Importance of the Bill

The Fair Elections Act will have consequences for all future governments as it could affect the outcome of future elections.  This bill will shape Canadian culture concerning who is allowed to vote and how we review the effectiveness of the elections after they are complete.  Therefore, it must be taken very seriously, and can only be taken seriously if it is given the time.



Fair Elections Act - Limited Debate

Was the Conservative's motion to limit debate on the Fair Elections Act reasonable?



The Conservatives should not have limited debate on this contested bill.


This bill should be pushed forward quickly so that politicians can get back to running the country.


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