Will the Fair Elections Act improve Canadian Elections?

Fair Elections Act Survey

The Fair Elections Act will make big changes to Canadian elections.  Will it be an overall improvement or hindrance to Canadian Democracy?


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The Fair Elections Act will improve Canadian democracy

The Fair Elections Act will hinder Canadian democracy

Uncontroversial Changes

These are the changes in the Fair Elections Act that are not being talked about because everyone generally agrees with them:

1) Introduction of a mandatory public registry to prevent misuse of robocalls

2) Ends the ban on premature transmission of election results.  (i.e.: allows the results from Eastern Canada to be distributed prior to closing the polls in the west)

3) Clarifying rules for political parties to prevent confusion and accidental non-compliance.

4) MPs who need to clarify their expense reports will quickly appear in court to have a judge rule on expenses.  (Previously in this case the MP would have been unable to sit in the house of commons.)

Controversial Changes

The value of the following changes is a topic of debate:

1) Ending vouching.  (May reduce fraud but also prevents citizens from voting)

2) Changing the role of Elections Canada. (Mandating they discuss only how people can vote, not why they should vote)

3) Transfer of role to investigate fraud from Elections Canada to Independent Commissioner.  (Concerns over impartiality of both groups)

4) Increasing the annual donation limit from $1200 to $1500.  (Only a small percentage of Canadians will be able to afford to donate to the limit.)

Timeline & Consultation

The Fair Elections Act is a good bill.  The fast timeline is an indication of that.  The committee will be debating the bill and suggesting changes over the next few months, which is plenty of time to make improvements and ensure that all voices are heard.

Timeline & Consultation

The Fair Elections Act was rushed through two readings in the house of commons after a Time Allocation Motion in less than a week and now the Conservatives are not allowing cross-Canada consultation on the bill by the committee.  This important bill needs to be given more time for debate and needs to receive a wider range of input so that it can be updated correctly before being passed.



Fair Elections Act

Will the Fair Elections Act improve Canadian Elections?



No, it will make elections less fair.


Yes, it will make elections more fair.


It won't make a difference.


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