Should the Canada's CSEC continue its close co-operative relationship with the USA's NSA?


Since WWII, Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) and the National Security Agency (NSA) have held close ties and share both information and technology.  A document recently leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed some of the details of this relationship 1.  In light of recent revelations about the NSA spying program, should Canada's CSEC continue with this relationship?


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Yes, CSEC should continue working closely with the NSA

No, Canada and CSEC's policies should not be dictated by those of the US / NSA.


Lack of Oversight

A recent report by Canada's privacy commissioner reveals there is no oversight on CSEC and what it is doing with Canadian's personal information 2.  The report reads, "The right to privacy is fundamental in Canada. It is central to personal integrity and essential to a free and democratic society".



Other Factors for Discussion

 Arguments for middle-ground, additional or related solutions.


CSEC and NSA Cooperation

Should Canada's CSEC continue working closely with the USA's NSA?



No, CSEC should work for the interests of Canadians and not others


Yes, CSEC and NSA should continue working closely together
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1.  Redacted leaked document of CSEC and NSA cooperation

2.  Checks and Controls: Reinforcing Privacy Protection and Oversight for the Canadian Intelligence Community in an Era of Cyber-Surveillance, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

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