Should Canada have kept the Per-Vote subsidy?

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Each year, political parties were given $2.04 for every vote that they received in the previous national election. This question is a place to discuss if this was fair and beneficial.

The Per-Vote Subsidy is now being phased out, being reduced by $0.50 each year from 2011 to 20141.


The Per-Vote Subsidy should be kept

The Per-Vote Subsidy should be eliminated

The Per-Vote subsidy allows for a more even playing field and prevents high ticket political donations from having an undue influence. It helps political contributions match the voter interest. The Per-vote subsidy forces tax payers to contribute to political parties that they may not agree with. Political donations should come directly from the voter rather than being a taxed benefit.


Per-Vote Subsidy

Was the Per-Vote Subsidy a fair and valuable method of funding political parties?



The Per-Vote Subsidy was fair and democratic and should have been kept.


The Per-Vote Subsidy was as good or bad as any other method.


The Per-Vote Subsidy was unfair and it is good that it was eliminated.
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