Mayoral Candidate Review: Ward 8

Calgary Municipal Election 2013

This article is a review of the candidates for the 2013 Calgary Municipal Election.  

This page reviews Ward 8 candidates.


The Calgary election was on October 21st, 2013.  This page is scheduled for archiving.



Webpage Description

Platform Points


Funding Notes

Previous Election Spending

John Mar

This webpage is very thorough and has a lot of well organized information.  The platform page contains specifics.  The colour scheme and branding has been carefully measured throughout the webpage.1

Density and the "Sprawl Subsidy"

Revitalising our Communities

Transparency, Ethics, and Campaign Finances

Crimes and Safety


Urban Transportation

Being More Citizen Centric

The Flood1

Incumbent Provided full disclosure of donations on webpage.1  

Evan Woolley

This webpage is very professional and easy to navigate.  Branding has also been taken into consideration here.2

Accountable Government

Connected Communities

Flourishing Economy

Healthy Environment

Vibrant Streets2

  Provided full disclosure of donations on webpage.2  

Ian Newman

This webpage includes a good mix of foundational pages and the more flexible blog.  Foundational pages include the "commitments/issues" page which outlines Ian Newman's primary goals.3



Snow Removal

Protective Services

Waste Management

Arts & Culture



Campaign Finance

General Notes and Beliefs3


One of the earliest candidates to post list of donators (greater than $100) to his webpage.3





Jon Mar

Evan Woolley

Ian Newman

Should Calgary Ease Zoning Prohibitions on Secondary Suites?

Supports easing zoning prohibitions.1 Supports easing zoning prohibitions.2 Supports easing zoning prohibitions.3

$52 Million surplus - refund or flood?


Municipal Campaign Finance 



Property Taxes in Calgary


City Budget



City of Calgary Flood Response



Calgary Flood Overtime


Access Calgary 1km rule


Public Transit







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