Mayoral Candidate Review: Ward 4

Calgary Municipal Election 2013

This article is a review of the candidates for the 2013 Calgary Municipal Election.  

This page reviews Ward 4 candidates.


The Calgary election was on October 21st, 2013.  This page is scheduled for archiving.



Webpage Description

Platform Points


Funding Notes

Previous Election Spending

Gael MacLeod

 The Gael Macleod webpage includes a youtube introduction on the frong page and three separate pages that we are treating like a platform: "Engage Neighbourhoods", "Financial Responsibility", and "Planning for Growth"1

 Community Walkabouts

Ward 4 Planning Caucus

Smart Business Practices

City Auditor

Audit Committee

Transit and Roads

Affordable Housing1

 Incumbant Provided full disclosure of donations on webpage.1  

Sean Chu

 This webpage includes an extensive platform under the "Priorities and Plans" section.2

 Priorities as Identified by Calgarians

Think Outside the Box

Transparency and Accountability

Find Solutions to the Disconnects

Investment in our Established Communities

Calgary is a Modern City

Calgary as an Affordable Place to Live

Addressing Infrastructure Needs

Improve the Commute

Accessibility of Calgary Transit

North Central LRT Route2

  Has chosen not to provided disclosure of donations until after election.2  

Blair Houston

This website looks nice and has good branding but needs more platform information.3

 On $52 Million Dollar Tax Relief from the Province

Tax Dollar Waste

On City Council3


Michael Hartford

Michael Hartford's webpage has a lot of information but it is not conveniently organized into a platform with headers.  For platform points heading bar link titles have been used.4

 Calgary at Large

Discussions during Door-Knocking

Home and Building Codes

Media and Multi-media releases


  Provided full disclosure of donations on webpage.4  

Yuri Shtergartz

Candiate has no webpage        




Gael MacLeod

Sean Chu

Blair Houston

Michael Hartford

Yuri Shtergartz

Should Calgary Ease Zoning Prohibitions on Secondary Suites?


$52 Million surplus - refund or flood?



Municipal Campaign Finance




Property Taxes in Calgary


City Budget



City of Calgary Flood Response



Calgary Flood Overtime


Access Calgary 1km rule


Public Transit










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