Mayoral Candidate Review: Ward 3

Calgary Municipal Election 2013


This article is a review of the candidates for the 2013 Calgary Municipal Election.  

This page reviews Ward 3 candidates.


The Calgary election was on October 21st, 2013.  This page is scheduled for archiving.



Webpage Description

Platform Points


Funding Notes

Previous Election Spending

Jim Stevenson

(Last Updated 24 September)

Jim’s website employs the bold colours seen in his logo and a toolbar with symbols rather than words.  His philosophy page does not fully stand in for a platform, but does list some of his stances on key election issues.

A message from Jim

Priority Items

Secondary Suites

Airport Tunnel

Intergovernmental Collaboration

Jim has served two terms as Alderman in ward 3.  Prior to representing ward 3 he operated an independent business across international borders.  He sits on various boards and committees. 


Tanveer Taj

 Candidate has no webpage        





Jim Stevenson

Tanveer Taj

Should Calgary Ease Zoning Prohibitions on Secondary Suites?


$52 Million surplus - refund or flood?



Municipal Campaign Finance




Property Taxes in Calgary


City Budget



City of Calgary Flood Response



Calgary Flood Overtime


Access Calgary 1km rule


Public Transit




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