Mayoral Candidate Review: Ward 2

Calgary Municipal Election 2013

This article is a review of the candidates for the 2013 Calgary Municipal Election.  

This page reviews Ward 2 candidates.


The Calgary election was on October 21st, 2013.  This page is scheduled for archiving.



Webpage Description

Platform Points


Funding Notes

Previous Election Spending

Bernie Dowhan

His platform has short explanations of a couple of his key points. He has posted items from his door knocking experience, quoting members of Ward 2.1




Recreation Center


Your Voice Matters

Oil Exploration within City Limits1


Has posted list of donators (greater than $100) to his webpage.1


Joe Magliocca

His webpage,, includes a full 8 page pdf platform, survey results from engaging the ward, additional literature and a media center.2


Transportation, Traffic & Infrastructure

Leadership and Accountability

Small Business Taxes


Crime and CPS



Other Issues2


Terry Wong

His platform is divided into three sections, which are not really specific items themselves.  The highlights mentioned in the platform point column come from the "What Can I Do For You?" subheading.5

- Build on success and leadership
- Maximize the value of tax dollars, thus minimizing tax rate increases
- Enact principle of free flowing roads
- Expand Calgary Transit services
- Build ‘complete communities’ status
- Establish ‘stay and play’ city parks
- Streamline development and building permits process
- Make more housing available, accessible and attainable
- Resolve high-incidence public safety issues
- Engage and represent North-West Calgary residents and taxpayers5


Richard Poon

This webpage doesn't include much policy information, but instead forwards the reader to Richard Poon's blog.3        

Shawn Ripley

This webpage splits policy information between the "vision" and "practical solutions" pages.  The front page includes big square buttons.4

Getting You Moving

Taking Care of Business


   Has posted list of donators (greater than $100) to his webpage.4





Bernie Dowhan

Joe Magliocca

Terry Wong

Richard Poon

Shawn Ripley

Should Calgary Ease Zoning Prohibitions on Secondary Suites?

Secondary Suites availability should be expanded but balanced with Safety as a priority.1,7

Secondary Suites availability could be expanded but only if owner occupied.7

Most new secondary suites should be in new communities and near universities and colleges.2

Secondary Suites will safety conditions will help make housing affordable.7  Does not support legalizing secondary suites in existing communities.3 Approves of Secondary Suite expansion.4,7

$52 Million surplus - refund or flood?


Believes $52 million should be returned to Calgarians.2,7

Taxes should never rise higher than inflation.2



Municipal Campaign Finance




Property Taxes in Calgary

Pledges to never vote for any budget with a tax incresae of more than 5%.1,7    Taxes provide services, programs, and assets, which are investments in Calgary.  We need to ensure that taxes pay for needed priorities first, and only afterwards for optional wants.7    People expect value for taxes.  The City of Calgary needs to provide value like a company provides value. Would use an intellegent approach.7

City Budget



City of Calgary Flood Response



Urban Sprawl

A balance is required between growth and densification.  Would listen to both sides of any specific urban sprawl issue and then decide.7 Density also comes with a cost.  Taxes pay for new homes quickly and then add revenue for the city. Expansion allows for open spaces and parks.7  Most important part of question is housing provision.  Urban sprawl is OK if it creates complete communities.  Need to develop plan to represent needs of tomorrow.7    Calgary must grow intellegently.  We need to provide complete communities and manage resources.7

Calgary Flood Overtime


Access Calgary 1km rule


Public Transit & Transportation

The City of Calgary needs to provide more options for commuters.  One idea would be including biking paths by all c-train lines.7 The City needs to think outside of the box to help people get from A to B.  One idea would be a double-decker bus that would run along the train line.7      




1. (Bernie Dowhan's Campaign Page)

2. (Joe Magliocca's Campaign Page)

3. (Richard Poon's Campaign Page)

4. (Shawn Ripley's Campaign Page)

5. (Terry Wong's Campaign Page)

6.        CivicCamp 2010 Campaign Funding Data

7.     CJSW Podcast of CivicCamp Ward 2 Forum


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