Mayoral Candidate Review: Ward 1

Calgary Municipal Election 2013

This article is a review of the candidates for the 2013 Calgary Municipal Election.  

This page reviews Ward 1 candidates.


The Calgary election was on October 21st, 2013.  This page is scheduled for archiving.




Webpage Description

Platform Points


Funding Notes

Previous Election Spending

Chris Harper

(Last updated 18 September)

Harper’s campaign webpage is polished and professional.  It is branded and easy to navigate.  His platform is fully launched as a PDF booklet1

Improving City Services

Increasing our Recreation Opportunities

Transportation that Moves

Investing in our Established Communities

Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility

Keeping our Grown Balanced

Openness & Accountability

Flood Preparation

Caring for Each Other & the Environment1


States that he will work to “Modernize Municipal Campaign Finance” but does not provide specifics.1

Spent $36,343.6

Dan Larabie

(Last updated 18 September)

Webpage is short and specific.  At the moment it looks like Dan isn’t running on a full platform but is instead focusing on a few key issues.2

Less Tax

Less Crime2


No comment on website 18 Sep 2013.2


Judi Vanderbrink

(Last updated 18 September)

Judi’s webpage is a good start.  Instead of having a platform posted she has provided a list of priorities.  Although the material is still applicable, the video she posted is from the 2010 election.4

Sense of Community is Important

Social Wellness is a Key Component

Business Community Revitalization

Environment is our Responsibility

Citizens need to Travel Safely

Housing is a key element

Parks are a priority



No comment on website 18 Sep 2013.4

Spent $12,711.6

Ward Sutherland

(Last updated 18 September)

Ward’s webpage has a lot of moving parts that are both visually engaging and distracting.  It keeps the eye moving, but perhaps too much.  Instead of a platform, he has a page entitled “Why Elect Ward” which is more of a resume than an outline of his plan.5

Proven Community Leader

Proven Business Experience

A Leader Who Gets Results

Proven Fiscal Accountability

Effective Facilitator5


No comment on website 18 Sep 2013.5


John Hilton-O’Brien

(Last updated 18 September)

John’s Policy page says that it will be updated during the campaign.  A large amount of his campaign information has been contained in his blog, but at the moment it is down.6

Affordability, Mobility, Safety6


No comment on website 18 Sep 20136





Chris Harper

Dan Larabie

Judi Vanderbrink

Ward Sutherland

John Hilton-O'Brien

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6.    CivicCamp 2010 Campaign Funding Data



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