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The Calgary election was on October 21st, 2013.  This page is scheduled for archiving.


Take the ChoiceStorm Calgary Municipal Election Survey


The election survey has been designed to allow Calgarians to provide their opinions on a number of election issues.  Many of the questions on the survey also have their own article page, so if you haven't heard about that issue before you can research it here.  Issues include those listed below.


Featured Questions:


Should Calgary Ease Zoning Prohibitions on Secondary Suites?

What should Calgary do with the $52 Million surplus - refund or flood?

Should Calgary follow the Manning Report recommendations?

Should Calgary students receive Numerical or Descriptive Report Cards?

Should there be a change to Municipal Campaign Finance regulations?

How should be the City of Calgary's Flood Response?

Should the City of Calgary employ the Pembina Institute?

Should managers have recieved Calgary Flood Overtime pay?

Should the Access Calgary 1km rule be changed?

Are Property Taxes in Calgary too high?

Are Calgary Class Sizes growing too large?

Should everyone vote in the Municipal Election?


Council Candidate Reviews


Calgary Mayoral Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 1 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 2 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 3 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 4 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 5 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 6 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 7 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 8 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 9 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 10 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 11 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 12 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 13 Candidate Review

Calgary Ward 14 Candidate Review



Election General Information 


Who do we elect?


15 members of the Calgary Council, including:

1 mayor

14 Councillors (Formerly Aldermen), 1 for each of the 14 wards.  Ward populations range from 70 to 100 thousand Calgarians.

14 School Board Trustees, including:

7 each for the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic School District.

Each voter must decide which board election to participate in.


How does Council Work?


It is important to remember that the Mayor is only 1 of the 15 members of the board.  The mayor isn’t that different from the rest of the council except that he is the chairman.

To be clear, the way that we elect and structure the mayor and city councillors is not the same as the PM and MPs on the federal level or the Premier and MLAs on the provincial level.

On the federal level, we vote for our MP, and the PM is the MP who is the party leader for the party with the most MPs.

It is not possible on the federal level for any party other than the PM’s party to have a majority.  On the municipal level, it is.  We can elect a mayor with a particular goal or ideology and also 8 or more councillors who believe something else.  Then those 8 councillors act like the majority party and can outvote the Mayor on any and all issues.


What are School Board Trustees?


Calgary School Board votes are also confusing.  Education in Canada is set at the provincial level.  Alberta Education is responsible for things like setting curriculums.  But all of the schools in Alberta are subdivided into school districts.  There are 60-70 school districts in Alberta, and the Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Catholic School District are the two that are in Calgary.  These districts are able to operate at a more local level than the Alberta government to balance budgets, target community needs, and try to ensure that their students achieve success in the provincially decided curriculum.


Who can vote?


18 year old Canadians who have resided in Alberta since April 21, 2013 and who reside in Calgary on election day.

Plus who can provide ID with name, photo, and address!



External Resources:


1. City of Calgary: Election and Information Services (Official City of Calgary website with information for voters)


2. CivicCamp (Non-partisan public advocacy group - hosting forums for candidate debates)


3. Calgary Democracy (Up to date candidate list and event list)


4. Vote Calgary (Information resource for election and council news)


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