What is the Greatest Human Quality?


This topic is based on youtube videos from Vlogbrothers Hank and John Green.

Hank made an argument that Curiosity is the finest human quality.1  To which John responded that he believes the urge to collaborate is the finest human quality.2  


Curiosity is the Finest Human Quality

Urge to Collaborate is the Greatest Human Quality

Hank's Curiosity Argument

Curiosity is the opposite of judgement.  You cannot hate something that you are curious about and you can be curious about everything.1

John's Urge to Collaborate Argument

Lots of animals are curious but only humans have the ability to cooperate to make online communities, space telescopes, imaginariums and movies.2

Societal Effect

Curiosity is the human characteristic which has been the driving force for growth, exploration, imagination and cooperation.

All learning is driven by curiosity, and human's ability to learn and teach and communicate all stem from the development of better and better ways to satisfy our ever growing curiosity.

Societal Effect

The urge to cooperate is what has expanded human interaction from small tribes to a globalized and interconnected network.

Families, countries, corporations, and all forms of communities thrive because of the human urge for cooperation and collaboration.  Every success of mankind stems from individual or collective brilliance combined with collaborative endeavor.

Counter Argument to Urge to Cooperate

The best things that humans cooperate to accomplish are things that involve curiosity.  Cooperation without curiosity could not have resulted in any of the items listed by the Urge to Collaborate argument.  Online communities require people to be curious about people they cannot meet in person, telescopes require curiosity about things that cannot be seen, and movies require imagination which would not be possible without curiosity.

Counter Argument to Curiosity

Curiosity has lead to the creation of terrible things.1  Many weapons and other harmful creations have come from curiosity.  The expression "curiosity killed the cat" is a warning against the dangers of curiosity.

Without the urge to cooperate, curiosity would be meaningless. Societal benefits from curiosity like learning, researching, exploring, and experimenting are almost always directly or indirectly communal activities.




These two human traits have been selected for these arguments based on the vlogbrothers videos referenced.  Any other human quality, such as the capacity for love, could also be argued to be the greatest human quality.


Greatest Human Quality

What is the Greatest Human Quality?



Curiosity is slightly better than the urge to collaborate


Curiosity is the greatest human quality




The urge to collaborate is the greatest human quality


The urge to collaborate is slightly better than curiosity
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1.     Vlogbrothers Video: Curiosity is the Greatest Human Quality

2.     Vlogbrothers Video: Question Tuesday, the Fault in Our Stars Movie Edition


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