Is there intellegent life on other planets?

This question is intended to debate whether or not intelligent life exists on other planets.  Whether or not aliens have visited Earth is not intended to be a part of the question, only whether or not they exist.

This article will discuss some of the elements of the Fermi Paradox: Why do we not have proof of extraterrestrial intelligence given that the size and age of the universe makes it very probable that intelligent life must have evolved somewhere other than earth as well.


Aliens Must Exist

Aliens Don't Exist

Size of the Universe

There are over 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe.  In our galaxy alone (The Milky Way) there are between 100-400 billion stars.  Although the existence of life must be a rare phenomenon, we are proof that it is possible.  Most of those stars will have planets, and many of those planets must have the ability to support life, and some of those that can support life must have life on them.  The universe is large enough that probability itself would suggest that there must be alien life out there somewhere.  Where there is life, eventually there will be intelligent life, and given how old the universe is and the brief period that humanity has existed, it seems very unlikely that we are the first in the universe to become intelligent.

Size of the Universe

We don't know the probability of the initiation of life.  How a planet goes from being lifeless to having life is unknown, therefore it is impossible to know the probability of that happening even on a planet that could support life.  Maybe having life on just one planet out of 400 billion stars improbable, and it is a miracle that we are here at all.

Intelligence also seems to be a rare trait.  Humans are the only animal in earth's history to have mastered the use of tools.  Even if life exists on other planets, it is possible that none of it has achieved intelligence.

Radio Signals

Lack of recorded radio signals is not a sign that there are no aliens.  Already earth signals are growing harder to detect from space.3  As our technology continues to improve, we will become more and more efficient with the transmission of signals until only the intended recipient is able to hear it.  It's also possible that aliens communicate using a form of technology that we are not yet familiar with.

Radio Signals

Earth has been sending out Ultra High Frequency signals that are detectable thousands of light-years away1.  If aliens are behaving the same way we are, we should be receiving their signals and able to identify them as non-natural phenomenon.  Since there is no evidence of this, it is likely that there are no aliens.

Other Evidence

There is evidence of Alien existence.  Evidence such as UFO sightings, crop circles, and tales of abduction may be faked or explainable with earthly phenomenon, but it is possible that the faked and the explainable cause us to undervalue the genuine phenomena.  Some recorded evidence is very convincing, such as astronauts having sighted aliens and the "wow" signal2.

Other Evidence

As with most paranormal phenomenon, most of the existing "evidence" of extraterrestrial encounters is either faked or misinterpreted natural events.  Many seemingly convincing events such as the alien autopsy video have been proven to be faked.  With all of the so-called sightings, if Aliens are real we should have some definitive evidence, and yet we have none.


Alien Existance

Do you believe that there is life on another planet?



Yes. The universe is so large that life must have formed somewhere other than earth.


No. The formation of life is nearly completely improbable and it must only exist here on Earth.


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