Should Dog Breed Specific Legislation be Allowed?

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Some places have made legislation concerning specific breeds of dogs, called Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).  There has been a backlash against this process from various animal activists.  Is this practice reasonable and helpful?  This question doesn't focus on a the legislation in a specific location, but instead evaluates the overall practice.


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Dog Breed Specific Legislation Should Be Allowed

Dog Breed Specific Legislation Should Not Be Allowed

Breed Specific Traits

Some dog breeds have specific traits which make them more dangerous than other dogs.  Some of these traits are physical, such as size and jaw strength.  Other traits are behavioral, as some dogs had been bred to be  guard dogs or to perform other activites which required a more aggressive outlook.

Breed Specific Traits

Assuming that dogs will behave in a certain way due to their breed is incorrect.  While dogs were trained to perform certain tasks, the behavioral traits of individual dogs varies significantly even amungst an individual litter.  Dogs of any breed can become irrational and violent or be completely friendly and harmess even when put under stress.  Breed identification is not an effective method of determining behavior.

Owner Influence

Owners can have a large influence on the behavior of a dog but that doesn't negate the qualities bred into the dog and the dogs natural behavior.  Owner specific legislation is not possible, so to mitigate dangers due to poor ownership dangerous dog breeds should be held to different expectations.

Owner Influence

Owners have more of an influence over the behavior of the dog than the breed.  Most dogs only become dangerous when they haven't been cared for, and this can happen irregardless of the breed of dog.


Dangerous breeds are kept in check, and become less popular making people safer.


Breed Specific Legislation encourages fear of certain dog breeds and causes people to lash out against those breeds.  It does not create an environment that is safer for people, and it does hurt the dogs.  The elimination of these breeds as owners are forced to choose different breeds is not a good thing, but a tragic loss.


Dog Breed Specific Legislation

Should Dog Breed Specific Legislation Be Allowed?



Dob Breed Specific Legislation Should Not Be Allowed




Dog Breed Specific Legislation Should Be Allowed
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