Can dietary choices put people at an increased risk of getting Alzheimer's? 

This question was inspired by the article1 on this topic, and is intended to review the validity of the article's premise.

This question will review the current science of diet and Alzheimer's.


Diet can be a contributing factor to Alzheimer's (Specifically a diet high in red meat and butter)

Diet doesn't affect a person's chance of getting Alzheimer's, eat all the red meat and butter you want!

General Diet

Basic health is an influencing factor that contributes to the onset of Alzheimer's2. Eating healthy will contribute to overall health which may help to prevent or delay the onset.  One of the most important factors for cognitive health is the ability of the heart and vascular system to delivery blood and oxygen to the brain.  High cholesterol or obesity can make this more difficult.

General Diet

Most studies connecting health and diet to cognitive health have been performed on animals and additional research using randomized clinical trials are still required before there will be definitive proof.3

Even if it can be shown that diet is a contributing factor, the largest factors are age and genetics.

Red Meat and Butter

Studies have shown that red meat and butter may be particularly influential food factors that increase the change of Alzheimer's onset.1

Red Meat and Butter

Additional information is required about the nature of the studies before they can be proven accurate.  Has causation been properly established?

Other Foods:

Vitamin D3 has been shown to help preserve cognitive health. 

Other Foods:



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Does eating red meat and butter lead to Alzheimer's?

In an online article, it was stated that a diet rich in red meat and butter leads to Alzheimer's. Do you agree with this article or not?







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