Frequently Asked Questions


How do I edit content?

Please go to our Site Instructions page.  Note that you have to be logged in to edit.  Also, please ensure that you follow our Code of Conduct.


What are ChoiceStorm Questions?

ChoiceStorm is a database of questions, submitted by the ChoiceStorm community.  Each Question page has an area for outlining different answers to the question and a poll so that users can voice their opinion.


What are ChoiceStorm Questions of the Day?

The question of the day is a question that we are advertizing that day.  You don't have to vote or edit a question when it is the question of the day, users can edit or vote on any question at any time.


Why aren't there more FAQ?

We launched on the 14th of September, and have not yet recieved many questions.  Please feel free to Contact Us with your question.

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