What should Questions on ChoiceStorm be called?


What are "Questions" on ChoiceStorm?  Questions are currently the "meat and potatoes" of ChoiceStorm.  They consist of a question, followed by possible answers in a table with juxtaposed information to inform the reader or participant of additional information of existing or alternate points of view.  The content is editable by any registered user, much like a wiki, so can be very dynamic.  This is followed by an active editable poll gauging the ChoiceStorm public opinion on the matter.  Should we call this collection of parts something other than a "Question"?


Keep calling them "Questions"

Rename them to "ChoiceStorms"

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  • The "question" part of the Question is the basis of these articles, so that is what we should call it.
  • This is what we originally called them, so we should stick with it.
  • This reflects the branding of the site.  A "Question" is hard to brand on it's own.
  • A unique name will come accross as a more differentiated product than simply another word in the dictionary.


ChoiceStorm Questions

Should Questions on ChoiceStorm be renamed?



No, keep with the name "Questions"


Yes, they should be renamed to "ChoiceStorms"
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