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We want ChoiceStorm to become a vibrant and interactive community.  Question articles are better when they are peer reviewed and collaboratively built.  


We are looking for contributers from all sides of the political spectrum and with a wide range of beliefs and values.  Although each individual contributer will have bias, when we all work together to create genuine and honest material we can provide non-partisan information.


Creating an account on ChoiceStorm is free, and it give you the ability to edit existing questions or create new questions.  As we build our community, we will end up with more and better questions and content.  Working together, we can help to ensure that ChoiceStorm is a place where people go to be informed and express their opinion.


ChoiceStorm is a tool for us to all use.  But it will only work well if it is open, collaborative, and transparent.  Please get involved.


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