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What is ChoiceStorm?

ChoiceStorm is a wiki-style debate and polling platform.  We invite anyone with an account to create and edit content, so long as they follow our code of conduct.   Because this is a collaborative project, ChoiceStorm does not have an inherent bias on any issue.   However, if ChoiceStorm is used only by one group, then it may have bias, which is why we encourage everyone to get involved.  With your help our content will only continue to improve.


What is ChoiceStorm for?

ChoiceStorm encourages debate on any topic from science, politics, technology, or pop-culture.  We depend on our users to suggest questions and help create the content, so our content will depend on you.  ChoiceStorm is still small right now, as we only launched on the 14th of September 2013, and we may continue to rally around specific issues or events.


Who Created ChoiceStorm?

ChocieStorm was created by two friends, Neil and Roman, neither of whom have been very politically active in the past.  We created ChoiceStorm because we wanted to contribute online in a way that was quick but meaningful, and we could not find a platform that met these requirements.  We didn’t want to volunteer our time or money to support any existing political parties or interest groups, but we still believed that our opinions mattered but somehow weren’t being heard.  We believe your opinion matters too, and that you may have felt the same way.  This is why we created this collaborative platform – so that we can all work together.


What is ChoiceStorm trying to achieve?

  • We want to bring people of different opinions to one place where they can discuss issues respectfully.
  • We believe in the need to be able to stand up for our opinions, while still listening to others and questioning ourselves.  We want to encourage both of these behaviors.
  • We believe that often two people or groups of people can believe different things, without either group being "wrong."
  • We believe that open discussion and debate is good for democracy.  We believe that debate is a tool for fact checking and for exploring the validity of conclusions.  


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